Happiness through Creativity

Staying Positive
There is a great deal of stress and negativity in the creative world at the moment as we see ideas being taken, people picking sides and creatives being forced into battle. Having said that, I just wanted to share two beautiful pieces of inspiration to remind us about originality and also to stay true to why we do what we do - because we love it! Sending some positive vibes out there to those who are locked in battle, as well as to those who feel defeated or low! Stay focused on the good and stay creative. Today could be a good day to pass on some encouragement, give a compliment or say an extra special thank you - you might just take the first step towards changing the world or at least someone's day!

I have a great new business related post ready for tomorrow and don't forget you can still enter the Skinny laMinx lookbook giveway. Also... be sure to sign up for the Blogger Secret Santa on Sunflowers and Spears. Have a wonderful and super creative Tuesday!