Must-Save List

Things that are worth saving for...
I am currently saving for a little year-end break, so no online shopping allowed! I spotted a few things including some faraway finds and a few local lust-haves that are extra difficult to resist. These are perfect items to inspire you to save your pennies for a bit of year end spoiling, alternatively it might make your credit card cry! Sorry in advance!

1. > Flow Magazine: Did you buy the issue of Ideas Magazine that included Flow? It's a beautiful magazine with a variety of different stories, features and inspirational images. See more on their site.

2. > Joie d' Vivre Camera Strap: In my case I need the new camera to warrant the beautiful strap, but that's for another day and another list. These locally created straps are different and beautiful. Visit their site for the details.

3. > Peek a Boo Ribbon: Ebony and Ivory never disappoint and this ribbon is the perfect selection of ice cream shades. I simply must-add it to my wrapping supplies! At only R40 for five metres - this is one we can buy sooner rather than later.

4. > Masking Tape from Marks: Doolally Daisy sells this tape from Mark's in Japan. I do love a quality tape!

5. > Paper Pastries Pen Roll: Love is an understatement for how I feel about pretty much everything from Paper Pastries! This roll is the ideal letter writing companion. From what I recall they don't ship to South Africa, but I could be wrong.

6. > Monocle Daily Diary: This diary will surely make 2014 a wonderful year! It's another product from Mark's in Japan for Monocle and the minty green one is my favourite.

7. > Elephant Shoe I Love You Box: Stationery in the post...every month! Yes please! This is such an awesome idea.

8. > MT Casa Tape: I love this 50mm width for crafting rather than decor. Washibug has a few rolls for special request orders. 

I hope you have a great Monday!