Meet Free Monday #2

A Day at HQ
Welcome to Monday. The weekend just flew by! How was your weekend? I had a good one, spent some really great time with a few friends and my sister, but yesterday when I wanted to catch up on some admin - our power went out. A sign for a break perhaps? A new week means new challenges made all the easier through having 'Meet Free Monday' to allow for some planning and brain balancing. This week is set to be a wonderful one as I leave for Joburg on Thursday to run the workshops and to have an adventure. Plenty to get done before then!

Things I am excited about this week:
Mr Price Sport is hosting a Blogger Olympics on Wednesday and I am excited to be invited. It should be a fun and ever so slightly challenging day with fellow bloggers. Of course the Joburg trip is exciting too, along with receiving the final goodie bag and giveaway items to spoil attendees with!

What will challenge me this week?
My workload is a challenge at present, but I can't complain about that at all. I don't want to harp on, but Thursday's trip is a challenge too - something new, somewhere new.

Personal Things:
I am currently trying to focus on eating better, getting rest and looking after myself which continues to be a personal focus. I also have some lovely letters to write and post off and there is one more birthday gift to complete. I have a new issue of Molly Makes to read - I call it research (he he). I also want to spend some time with Daniel as I won't see him for ten days - I think a lovely dinner is in order. His current work schedule rivals mine so carving out quality time is very difficult.

The week at a glance:
Many a list will be needed to keep this week in check. The main focus is sticking to deadlines as there a few between now and my trip along with making sure everything is perfect for the workshops. Lots of packing to do.

If you are taking part in having your own 'Meet Free Monday' please feel free to do a post of your own and share your blog with me - I would love to read what you have planned.

Good luck for your week!