Meet Free Monday #1

A Day at HQ
It's Monday...oh dear! You might be looking at the title of this post and think I got things a bit confused or my spelling is a bit off, but this isn't a food post. When I worked at Mr Price - I had a really awesome manager who kept Mondays free of supplier meetings in order for us to get into the week, focus on what we needed to do and plan out our days. This routine has stuck and Mondays are always meeting free. The rest of the week is open to clients, many meetings and consulting sessions, but Monday is the day to sort out my mind, get some lists going and in general shape the mood for the rest of the work week. In this new series I will share my 'Meet Free Monday' planing. I hope you will enjoy a glimpse at my week and current projects. This is my no means all I have to do, but it's a few things I feel like sharing.

Things I am excited about this week...
Tonight I have been invited to an exciting (and delicious) wine and food pairing at Cafe Jiran. I am really looking forward to this. Another big highlight is the arrival of my new laptop later today. I have an amazing desktop machine here in the office, but I am away twice before the end of the year and my iPad won't cut it to stay up to date with work.

What will challenge me this week?
I am working on a clients landing page and her brief is wonderful. The coding is a challenge and I want it to be perfect. Another challenge this week is all the prep for the Jozi workshops. I am really excited, but there is a great deal to do.

Personal Things:
I have been reading a number of beauty blogs and feeling ready to add some glamour to my days. I need to paint my nails before tonight's dinner. I love bold colours, but I find when I am in a rush a nude or lighter shade works well. I bought a new Yardley polish on Saturday in Pink Marshmallow. I have two birthdays to celebrate this week and have had such fun putting the gifts together, still need to wrap them - I will be sure to share the final product on Instagram.

The week at a glance:
This week is really busy and I am working on the mentioned website relaunch, several blog updates and new ones for clients, Jhb workshop planning and new blog posts. My intern, Claire is also back from her holiday and I can't wait to have her back in the office.

Good luck for your week! Do you have any major challenges to face?