Hello Cape Town

I wanted to pop in and say that I am leaving for Cape Town tomorrow and will literally be there for a month, its like a short-term move. Goodness me and may I remind you the luggage limit is only 20kg! I will be there for a variety of reasons with the main two being the wedding of a best friend and to spend the festive season with Daniel's family. I also have work to take care of while there which includes the Cape Town Consulting sessions that I advertised last month, but in general I hope to also relax. Some people might think a month away from home is excessive, but we thought lets really make the trip worth our while as we haven't been away together for over a year.

It's been a wonderful year - one of my best to date, but also a very busy year so I'm looking forward to a little break... I envision a deck chair near a pool and a cocktail would be nice too! I have some posts planned, but I hope you will understand that things will be quite so that I can recoup and come back sparkling and ready for a truly fabulous 2014! During this time - I hope to share some personal Instagrams (not only packages) so follow along with my holiday there if you like. For now - sending lots of love!

Today's pretty picture is courtesy of Alphabet Bags. It's such a clever, yet simple brand. Take a look at their site to see more.