Kitschy Digitals

Meet Free Mondays will be back next year as I am prepping for my trip, plus working round the clock to finish various projects. For the rest of the year - I will just share pretty posts with you and get back to themes early next year. In the meantime enjoy this...

I discovered Kitschy Digitals via the blog Thompson Family, which I have been reading for years. Danielle and her quirky family have such a wonderful retro style. She contributes to the Kitschy Digitals site and you can see her clear style reflected in the various designed items. I wanted to share the site with you as there are lovely projects which are really affordable, plus there is a freebies section too. Another great feature is the holiday gift guide which offers ideas for crafty souls.

There are a few things that are clearly designed for children, but goodness me I love them. For example the 70s Supermarket Play Shop Box Printables - this is what my childhood dreams were made of (when playing shop shop was a fun activtiy as opposed to an expensive one). The Happy Mail kits for kids are also so cool and novel. Take a look at how Danielle created the kit for her son. My favourite freebie is the business card sized love notes - so cute and novel. Photographers - you will love these. Okay... I can go on and on, so I am rather going to say go and take a look yourself.

I did buy something off the site and the check out was easy and secure. I used Paypal which is linked to my local bank account. The order was also really cheap at about R35.


  1. How cute is that little fox? Definitely getting the sewing pattern plus the Soft Art Wreath Mobile pattern - thanks for introducing me to this cute site! x

  2. I first heard about Kitschy Digitals through the Scathingly Brilliant blog. Kate's other shop is Sweet and Lovely that you bought the calendar from :)

  3. What an adorable blog, love the felt ornaments and gingerbread house scene! Thanks for sharing the blog!


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