Kitschy Digitals

Meet Free Mondays will be back next year as I am prepping for my trip, plus working round the clock to finish various projects. For the rest of the year - I will just share pretty posts with you and get back to themes early next year. In the meantime enjoy this...

I discovered Kitschy Digitals via the blog Thompson Family, which I have been reading for years. Danielle and her quirky family have such a wonderful retro style. She contributes to the Kitschy Digitals site and you can see her clear style reflected in the various designed items. I wanted to share the site with you as there are lovely projects which are really affordable, plus there is a freebies section too. Another great feature is the holiday gift guide which offers ideas for crafty souls.

There are a few things that are clearly designed for children, but goodness me I love them. For example the 70s Supermarket Play Shop Box Printables - this is what my childhood dreams were made of (when playing shop shop was a fun activtiy as opposed to an expensive one). The Happy Mail kits for kids are also so cool and novel. Take a look at how Danielle created the kit for her son. My favourite freebie is the business card sized love notes - so cute and novel. Photographers - you will love these. Okay... I can go on and on, so I am rather going to say go and take a look yourself.

I did buy something off the site and the check out was easy and secure. I used Paypal which is linked to my local bank account. The order was also really cheap at about R35.