Pretty Things via Instagram

What are these posts all about?
These new posts are for the festive season and holidays so that I can share pretty things with you, but also share content that is easy to create in order to take a bit of a break. I'm sure you don't mind. The theme of these posts is to share beautiful businesses or blogs that I have discovered via Instagram. I'm not sharing their snaps with you, but rather a few pictures of what they do. I hope you enjoy these and find new blogs and interesting people to follow. Thank goodness for Instagram as it has opened me up to people and topics that I might never previously have stumbled upon.

I discovered this concept via Renegade Craft Fair's Instagram. How awesome is it! It's the work of Gift Wrap HQ and The Compartment Store. There isn't  great deal of info about it, but to me it looks like a portable little shop filled with stationery. I think it's wonderful and I wish I could dig in. You can take a look at the two featured businesses here and here.