Pretty in Pink Kitchen Tea

One of the main reasons for my December Cape Town trip was to celebrate with my best friend Sam - as it was her kitchen tea, hen's party and wedding. As a bridesmaid it was part of my duty to work on the creative elements for the 'Pretty in Pink' (our favourite colour) themed party. You might spot a few of my usual favourites - namely the Consol jars, books and doilies which I often incorporate in my workshop decor. I packed a box and took it along in order to create the perfect scene for our bride. It was such fun arranging the flowers and using something a bit different. My favourite feature was the Steri Stumpie ice bucket - a girl can't live on champagne alone. It was an honour to celebrate with Sam and work with the other bridesmaids to create the day. We had a few stressful moments, plenty of happy moments and several moments on high chairs hanging lanterns from the ceiling (all worth it). We kept the rest of the decor quite simple with balloons and lanterns dotted around the garden, as well as picnic blankets beneath the trees. The menu of quiche, salad and lots of sweet things went down a treat.