Meet Free Monday #7

3rd February: A Day at HQ

Monday already... I can hardly believe it, just like I can't quite believe February is here! How was your weekend? I was really fortunate to get a spontaneous invitation for a mini road trip down the South Coast with two of my dearest friends. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen the photos I posted of the delicious lemon meringue waffle I tried from the Waffle House (a must-visit). We had a lovely time and even stopped at Typo in Galleria on the way home. I was very well behaved and didn't shop up a storm! I only bought two stamps which came to R30 (for both) which I thought was a suitably cheap, but useful treat.

Last week was productive – I held a host of creative consulting sessions and I found it so rewarding. I managed to tick off a few other tasks and continue to work on others. Time to focus on the new week, new month and all that needs to be done...

The Working Week:
This week I need to power through a range of to do list items (as usual). I really need to keep working at it so that I can ensure I’m moving forward and achieving what is required. At the top of my list is new blog topics and catching up with a few clients in order to check how their progress is going. I also have a rather large pile of filing and admin to take care of - something which isn’t particularly thrilling (yuck). I have consulting sessions this week too, which require me to group my thoughts and be ready to answer questions on a range of topics from which online shop to sign up with through to how to market products. I’m currently working on numerous clients' Facebook pages and teaching them how to take it on themselves. It's great to see them empowered to make a success of their online presence. 

Things I'm excited about this week:
The highlight will be launching the latest workshop dates! I need to make some time to drop off a few donations post clean out - it will be so nice to have a clear space. I'm looking forward to working on an easy Valentine's DIY for you - which means I can do a bit of supply shopping (hooray). I don't have any major social plans this week as I really enjoy spending time at home. I'm particularly excited about getting back to some snail mail correspondence - I have quite a few packages to prep and reply to. Lastly, I have a coffee date planned with Sam and I just can't wait to give her a pressie for her little one who is due in about four weeks.

What will challenge me this week?
I feel quite positive about this week, but I think there are always unknown challenges. Hoping they will be few and far between. Personally I am still working on making time for exercise instead of just working through that time. It's always a challenge to not let stress get me down - I am sure many of you can relate.

Personal Thoughts:
My personal life changes continue – so far so good, but I do need to focus on them in order to maintain them (as mentioned above). I have a friend who has joined me as a running partner and she's great at challenging me. I have also made some changes at home in terms of maintaining our household and I'm feeling so much more organised and on top of what needs doing - far from a domestic goddess, but much happier.

What are you looking forward to this week?

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I have had a few requests to share the details on the items pictured each week - so here goes:
Bright Notebook: A gift from Jo - many years ago from a trip to Berlin.
Blog Notes Cube: Gift from Daniel found at Comptoir de Famille in Cape Town.
Pencil Pen: Found at CNA as part of the Doodle range.
Tapes: The two on each side are MT via Washi Bug and the centre one is from Cape Arts & Crafts (Canal Walk).
Badge Stickers: Also from Cape Arts & Crafts.
Buttons: A gift from a penpal.