Meet Free Monday #10

24th February: A Day at HQ
Hello Monday! A new week, new list and a new opportunity to give it all we've got! I had a really lovely weekend, nothing major happened - it was just truly enjoyable. On Friday we invited over some friends for home made burgers, it was lovely to use a few pretty things in my kitchen collection. On Saturday I took care of errands which included some beauty shopping and gift buying. In the evening I joined friends for dinner at Remos - their zucchini fries are one of my favourites. Yesterday, Daniel and I headed out to Makro which might sound terribly boring to some, but I just love browsing through all their useful things and shopping for handy home goodies. I found some see-through zippy pouches which will be ideal for travel, stationery and storage. There is enjoyment in seeking domestic bliss and being grateful for luxuries.

The Working Week in Review / Last Week:
During the past week I worked on not procrastinating and getting down to business. Actively focusing on this has definitely helped with my progress in all areas. I had a few goals which included some additional weekend work, but I decided against it in order to regroup and relax a bit. 

The Working Week:
I am out the office for most of this week - from Wednesday to Friday so I will need to do some catching up in the afternoons. I will also be launching the new Creative Business Workshop dates for Durban this week.

Things I'm excited about this week:
The Design Indaba Simulcast! My initial plan was to head to Cape Town for the event and expo, but I'm not ready to jet off again or pack a case. The next best thing is of course the simulcast. I look forward to jotting down ideas and inspiration and I do plan on doing a round-up post to share with you.

What will challenge me this week?
Getting through my workload in a balanced way due to the lack of office hours.

Personal Thoughts:
I am personally feeling a great deal better about a range of things that I initially viewed as challenges. I am continuing my yoga and invested in my own (pink) mat. I have also added a new element to my weekly planning in the form of a short goal list that is different to my to dos. This focuses on health and motivation. It also includes my purpose and intent for the week ahead. It's a great way to get focused and into the right mindset. I typed it out and sized it so that it fits in my planner - that way when I stray I can reread my positive thoughts. Last week, I also managed to do some home rearranging and decorating which I found made me quite happy. It has really helped to have a clear idea of the projects I want to undertake. I feel that my ideas are nicely grouped and ready for action.

I hope your week is wonderful and productive!

Please Help: I have been having several issues with the commenting system. Please help me by giving me feedback as to whether it works for you always / sometimes / never. You can email me or even tweet / Facebook me if you can't comment. I am awaiting a reply from Disqus and how to iron out the problem asap. Comments are a very important aspect of blogging - stats show that people are visiting, but comments allow for the interaction and a bit of motivation for the blogger. 

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This week's photo features:
Calendar: Sent to me by Roxy from City Girl Searching.
Cath Kidston eraser
Eiffel Tower Sticker: Gift from a penpal.
Bunny Paperclip: Typo / Pink and Black Paperclip: Gift from a penpal.
Floral Notebook: Gift from a penpal.
Plus two letters I need to reply to.


  1. Hello! This is me commenting from my laptop. Have just checked on cellphone but not able to do from there. Have a wonderful blessed week

  2. I always look forward to your 'Meet free Monday' posts, very inspiring! Love your new goal lists

  3. Happy Monday Nads - comments always seem to work for me :)

  4. Lovely post, thank you! I have a pink yoga mat too!!! ;) I also haven't ever had a problem commenting :)

  5. I love getting lost in Makro too, you're not the only one :)
    LOve these Meet Free Monday posts - inspires me to get a whole lot more organized, thank you!

    Loren |

  6. I've never had problems commenting on my laptop or phone. I've started making lists in my diary and it's definitely helping me feel more in control.

  7. Thanks so much for helping me and for your lovely comments. I hope that it will all work a bit more smoothly soon. Have a lovely week. x

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by! The goal list definitely helps the mindset aspect of getting ready for a new week. I hope you have a wonderful and productive week. x

  9. Happy Monday to you too! Thanks so much for the comment update. x

  10. Thanks you for your kind comment. It must be pink - of course! Pink makes the world go round after all :-) x

  11. Thanks so much for your comment! I really appreciate it :-) Oh goodness - Makro! I seem to find so many things that I never knew I needed! He He. Have a happy week! x

  12. Thanks for your comment and update. List making is the one thing that keeps me sane :-) Have a wonderful week - hope all is getting easier and better. x

  13. It's been quite a while since I've commented on your blog, I do still visit regularly, though. I just want to thank you for all your advise on blogging and business, it really helps.

  14. Hello - thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it so much and just love hearing from readers. I love sharing and its only a pleasure to share tips :-) Have a lovely weekend. x


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