Meet Free Monday #9

17th February: A Day at HQ
Some days I wake up and I just feel a bit bleh - I'm sure you can relate. I wonder where did the weekend go and how am I going to do all the things that need doing. I do find this improves as I get going with my day and start seeing inspiration and pretty things.

I'm still grateful though and in fact there is no reason for complaint. I had a lovely weekend for which I'm so thankful. On Friday Daniel surprised me with our newly restored dining room chairs - just in time for our Valentine's dinner. We also headed out for a swim on what seemed like the hottest day and how brilliantly refreshing that was. Saturday was suitably relaxed and Daniel had the day off, which added to lovely day at home. I met up with a friend in the afternoon and I just loved catching up and drinking her homemade lemonade mix with mint and lemongrass. We were true homebodies for the rest of the weekend and spent Saturday night and Sunday on small projects that made us happy. Sunday is roast day and I love this traditional meal of potatoes (I LOVE potatoes like a lot), heaps of vegetables and chicken. We each have our duties towards creating the meal which makes it even lovelier. How was your weekend and Valentine's?

The Working Week in Review / Last Week:
I have added this new section as I felt I would like to share a few thoughts from past week. I have to stop myself from measuring a week by analysing a to do list or what I didn't get done. To be honest I often feel a bit defeated at the end of a week. Is this something you feel too? I get things done, but always feel it isn't enough. More could have been done if only this or that was better. This pressure really doesn't help when I then begin a new week especially as I feel I have to push myself even harder and that's no good as I will really be going against all I set out in my 2014 life changes. I hope you don't mind listening to my ramblings, but let's just say that these Meet Free Monday posts are a personal journey for me in which I get to share more personal elements with you. So... the truth is last week was a good week, but I realised I have to work smarter and use my time better. I'm a person who likes to evolve systems - if they don't work then I have to figure out how to do things differently, so I will just keep at it.

The Working Week:
This year I have been trying out a new routine as far as meetings and consulting sessions go and I'm so happy to say it's working. As you know Monday is an office day and at this point so is Tuesday. Claire (my intern) joins me on a Wednesday and when we get through our catching up and babbling we get down to some work. Thursday is a full day of meetings, where I leave home quite early and get going, I only head back to the office at the end of the day. It's quite a day with lots of talking, but I enjoy dedicating it to seeing clients and meeting new potential clients. Friday has emerged as a creative consulting day which I love as I feel so validated by these sessions. Look how long this post is getting - I just can't help, but share loads! 

Things I'm excited about this week:
Writing in my planner! Ha ha - yip that's exciting for me! I did a bit of work on it this past weekend and it really is almost perfect for my needs. I will share a blog post where I show all the details. I'm also excited about going to yoga. Last week I went to my first session (ever) and I absolutely loved it and how I felt during and after. Another fun project on the cards is a pre-loved / thrift sale which will be taking place on the 8th of March. We are working on the finer details and poster, but basically different creatives will be selling their pre-loved items - will share full details soon. 

What will challenge me this week?
Me! I am the challenge as I have to find balance in my work, but not be too lenient so that things don't get done. I sound like Jeykll and Hyde.

Personal Thoughts:
I think I have covered so many personal thoughts in this post already. I can't really think of any more. I would love to hear from you though - please leave a comment sharing your thoughts, challenges and plans. Have a happy and productive week!

This week's photo features:
I thought I would rather do a planner focused post where I share the all the details along with how I plan etc. *Watch this space.