Seven Things: A Catch-Up

I am quite behind with sharing my monthly Seven Things with you. If you are new to these posts - I basically share seven things that I captured via Instagram, some items I did share on my feed and others I didn't. The post is aimed at sharing a few of the details with you as they offer a personal glimpse into my life. Today's edition stretches from December through to yesterday.

1 > Wedding Belles: As I mentioned in my kitchen tea post I was in Cape Town for my best friend's wedding. She looked so beautiful! Our bridesmaid dresses were created by Miss Friday and it's a dress I looked forward to actually wearing it again. The sunglasses I am wearing are from Topshop and I adore them - I curse the day something happens to them (touch wood).

2 > Reading: In December I read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (what a name) and I truly loved it. It was so wonderful that I wish I could read it for the first time all over again.

3 > The Big Organise: I have slowly, but surely been ensuring every area of our home is in tip top shape - one such mini space is my bedside drawer. You will spot the Dirty Works hand cream which was a very cheap (R15.99) and cheerful treat from Clicks. For the price it's a great product and it smells delicious. I used a re-purposed box as an organiser and it works brilliantly.

4 > Office Time: This space within my office is one of my favourites. The mail holder is from Typo and the diffuser is a Yankee Candle wax melt. It's long lasting and leaves a faint, but lovely smell in the room.

5 > Baking: On Sunday I did some baking. I LOVE cookies, like loooove and would eat a pack a day if I could. The batch turned out well and I thought it would be fun to share a few so I packaged them up. I also thought it best to pass them on or else I would probably be suffering from a sugar induced coma at this point.

6 > A Package for Roxy: My holiday meant plenty of time to create some snail mail for faraway friends. One such friend is Roxy from City Girl Searching. I sent her a few papery goodies as a surprise

7 > Four & Twenty: This sweet deli is a Cape Town must-visit. They have several very delicious meals on the menu and the decor is rather pretty too.