Design Indaba Conference 2014

A few simple lessons

I found the Design Indaba Conference enlightening and some speakers were truly wonderful and inspiring. There were several aspects or topics that consistently popped up through the various talks. They are fairly simple, but they definitely reiterate facts that we can act on. I hope this inspires you and serves as a reminder of a few easy things that are within your mindset and reach. (To read more or take a look at some of the videos - just click here.)

I love collaboration and I strongly believe in it. There are several things that stop us from getting actively involved in collaboration and the main one is fear. We are taught to compete rather than partner with people. The right type of collaboration can be life changing and in turn change your business. 

We always want to add more. People often think that the more complex something is – the more value for money they receive. In a world where people are being consistently bombarded and overloaded, why not simplify things? Make it easy for clients to interact with you and your business. We need to return to a state of simplicity, where we realise that things can be beautifully uncomplicated, especially in design. Aesthetic is the quest rather than unnecessary bells and whistles.

Design for people:
There is a resurrection of thinking about the human element and how, we as people use and interact with things. I felt as if this was a revelation, but in fact it’s so damn simple. Companies who design for their end user rather than as a competitive process are the ones who succeed time and again. 

Prototyping within the design process: 
Often, we get so caught up on getting things planned and figured out. We forget that there is room to just get started and learn as we go. Planning is necessary, but often the best designs are born from getting stuck in and being creative through trial and error. This followed onto another poignant thought - creativity is messy.

Brilliance and the human mind:
I was so amazed by some of the speakers and the sheer brilliance of their creativity. It made me realise that I’m not using my own mind to its full capacity. Our brains are insanely fantastic and we need to remember that. Use your mind, fuel it, appreciate it.

Turning challenges into opportunity:
Almost every creative who spoke had faced challenges and the reason they stood before us was because they overcame them. Some of the best products and advertising campaigns came from limited budgets or other limiting entities. By being creative they came up with concepts that won awards, changed lives and shaped communities. Challenges are not all bad – in fact they make that brilliant mind of yours thrive.

Technology as a tool:
We have a love hate relationship with technology. When things work we love it, when they don’t, we view it as the downfall of our sanity. When you start viewing it for what it really is – a tool, you can begin to once again realise why you use it for business.

I could have made this post go on for days, but I thought I would be concise or as close as possible. Go out and make today brilliant!