Meet Free Monday #11

3rd March: A Day at HQ

It came to mind that we're already on Meet Free Monday #11. Eleven weeks of updates and even though I took a break for a couple of weeks during the holidays, it sure does show how time flies.

This past weekend was a welcome relief from the week. I was up at the crack of dawn on Saturday to get going and spent the day at I heart Market seeing clients, friends and helping my dad at the Woodnewz stall. After the market I was off to a 30th birthday lunch at Vicky Christina's. The week was catching up with me and I must admit I was a bit tired for the festivities (not ideal). A quick nap and some macaroons helped me to feel a bit more peppy. Daniel and headed off to the preview and review of the new Spiga branch in Durban North. It was lovely to see a few friends and we enjoyed an amazing dinner. Yesterday was a day at home for which I was so grateful. The entire week was one of those where as I got home I had to leave again. I quite like having a few moments a day / week where I can just be, instead of rush, but luckily every week isn't as busy. Sadly, Daniel was quite unwell which is unusual - he is never sick. The disruptive week and catering to his sickness meant I went a bit off course with my own eating and exercising. I managed my yoga class, but health wise nothing else went as planned. I also didn't get around to many personal projects or home ones - unlike last week (posted one of my shelf rearrangements on Insta).

The Working Week in Review / Last Week:
I was at the Design Indaba simulcast for most of last week. It was really interesting, but it made the working week a tough one as I was heading home after a long day of learning to catch up on emails and work. I found the week quite challenging as a whole and had to work late every night. I was however, still happy with the progress I made on a few projects.

The Working Week:
This week I am back to my normal schedule which I really enjoy. I plan to keep sticking to my weekly goals and tying them in with my work expectations. I have quite a few large projects to finish and tick off, including the challenge mentioned below. Claire (intern) will be working two full days and I'm excited to get going on a range of items we have in the pipeline - some for clients and some for the business. Thursday and Friday I will be out the office for meetings and consulting sessions with a few new clients and creatives. I also need to continue working on the bookings and content updates for the March workshops. I plan to veer off my blog posting schedule as I have quite a few extra things I want to share with you - hope I can manage it.

Things I'm excited about this week:
Normality or my version of it. It's also my sister's birthday and I look forward to spoiling her - despite the fact that we are very different and she isn't all that into birthdays. I have so many packages and snail mail replies to post off this week - I love going to the post office (hello nerd).

What will challenge me this week?
I have a report to deliver and present to a client on Thursday which I know will be fine, but at the same time I'm nervous. My aim is to give it my all both via the facts and the visual elements. Emails, emails, emails - I totally understand how important they are and they mean new connections, new business etc, but I find it so challenging staying up to date. How do you deal with your inbox?

Personal Thoughts:
As mentioned last week - my new routine and way of functioning is really helping me to feel so much better about various elements of my life. It's allowing me to put equal efforts towards work, being a wife and what I expect / want from myself. This week instead of doing my planning last night, I did it this morning just to test out the difference and I must say I prefer waking up with a clear plan. It also helps clear my mind for the new week. I'm getting back to my snail mail replies which I enjoy on the personal side. This past weekend I also did some updating on my personal Facebook - which is the only corner of the internet which is a space to connect with family and friends who don't want to live a public online life. I often find that people battle to understand why I don't just accept friend requests, but I need a small space to share personal photos and so on. I feel a lot better after increasing privacy and cleaning up. My blog, Twitter, business Facebook page, Pinterest and Instagram are all public and there for everyone to enjoy, so a small space for me is allowed.

Sending luck for your week! Let me know how your diary or list looks.

Thank you so much for the comments last week. It was so awesome to hear from some of your after many months of silence. As I said - comments really help make this blogging journey easier and worth it so I appreciate each and every on.

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This week's photo features:
Pen & Clips: Typo
Pink Pencil & Notepad: M Studio
Polka-dot Pencil: Paperchase
Tapes: A mix from MT via Washibug and ohhellofriend
Flamingo Magnet: Mr Price Home
Button: Craft shop in London