Meet Free Monday #13

17 March: A Day at HQ
I feel particularly happy today and not at all daunted by Monday! What a great feeling. Our weekend was a peaceful, happy one. On Friday we had a couch date for some pizza and TV. On Saturday I met up with my sister and mom for brunch at Churchill's. My mom and I did a small bit of shopping and found the loveliest Paris brooch for only R40, plus I was spoilt with a vintage handheld pale pink mirror. I enjoyed a productive afternoon at home taking some blog photos and doing a few random admin tasks. Daniel and I headed out for an early dinner and afterwards we relaxed and watched a movie. Yesterday we were in search of the perfect Sunday roast, but we didn't want to make it ourselves. We had the most delicious lunch at O'Connor's Pub in Durban North... chicken, beef, potatoes, gravy - all the good stuff. We ended off the afternoon with some shopping for the week ahead and I did a Dischem toiletries haul. I LOVE Dischem! I spent the evening doing some tidying and prep for the week and even managed to get to bed quite early.

The Working Week in Review / Last Week:
Last week was not that good for me personally. I really battle to fall asleep at night as my brain ticks away and then come morning I'm a zombie. I felt particularly drained last week which meant my brain had to work so much harder in order to motivate my body to co-operate. I did push through and got the most important things done, but I didn't manage any personal projects besides two snail mail replies (see those here). The meetings and consults that I had were great and they allowed me to feel more inspired. Despite my low energy levels all else was quite positive.

The Working Week:
This week I feel much better! My Monday morning energy means that my planning feels a bit more supercharged. Over the weekend I managed to set out my editorial calender for the next two weeks so I hope the planning and prep will assist me to share more blog posts (something I'm still trying to perfect). Claire (intern) is working with me this week which is always productive. There are several new projects to tackle including some blog builds / re-designs, marketing planning and guidance for clients, plus general business admin which will make certain tasks run more smoothly. 

Things I'm excited about this week:
I am particularly looking forward to a trend talk at Decorex on Thursday. Dion Chang is presenting it and I have been of fan of his work since high school. The public holiday is also a plus, but there are a few things I will still need to do on the work front.

What will challenge me this week?
My body and energy. If my body feels down my work is even more difficult. 

Personal Thoughts:
As much as I put healthy eating on every week's list I still struggle with it. My diet isn't a complete mess, but clearly I need to work on what's going to fuel my day. At the moment I'm enjoying making time for a little pampering, usually via a long bath and the fact that Lush opened in Durban last week makes this treat even more fun. I love reading in the bath - usually a magazine, but I'm being strict with the mags I buy. I use to spend hundreds on magazines, but hardly had time to read them. Instead - I buy one great mag and actually work my way through it - usually Mollie Makes.

I still have quite a few things on my personal project list so I've dedicated some time to those tasks this week. I have a mountain of filing to do (yuck) and I have a few donations to drop off and heaps and heaps of recycling too. These are mundane tasks, but they are needed and I will feel pleased once they are ticked off. I'm enjoying my goal sheet which I use in my planner - it's quite personal almost like a weekly journal entry. I like the way it captures my thoughts and feelings both positive and negative.

How is your week looking? Anything on your mind? Do you have any energy tips for me?

This week's photo features:
Stamps: Bought and downloaded from Kitschy Digitals
Badge Sticker: Cape Arts & Crafts
Purse: Rob Ryan at The Space
Postcard: A gift from Che
Pencils: Accessorize
Pencil: ohhellofriend