Meet Free Monday #14

24 March: A Day at HQ

And just like that the long weekend is over - in a flash. I hope you had a good one! Daniel had to work here and there so it wasn't as peaceful as I would've hoped, but it was still lovely to have some extra time together. I felt like my weekend kicked-off on Thursday due to my fun and interesting day at Decorex. On Friday I spend the day at home, did some work and later on Daniel and I went out to movies. On Saturday I had a few lovely friends over for a girly tea (see more here). It was such fun to talk absolute nonsense, eat delicious things and just enjoy each other's company. Sunday was a relaxing day together for Daniel and I - we did a big chicken roast lunch with all the frills and enjoyed some peaceful time at home. As you can see I had a very relaxed, low key weekend.

The Working Week in Review / Last Week:
Last week was a good and happy week. Work went smoothly and I felt that the planning I did really paid off. The trend talk I mentioned was also a highlight and the inspiration was invaluable. Of course, as always, there were tasks which slipped off the list, but it's inevitable. We also had very annoying internet issues, but they are all sorted now - hooray! The other positive focus was the fact that I managed to get quite a few blog posts out - did you enjoy them?

The Working Week:
This week my work routine shifts slightly as I change my consulting / meeting day to tomorrow rather than Thursday. The key thing is flexibility so that things can adapt as needed. Claire (intern) will be back in the office this week which is great for our work progress. On Saturday I'm hosting the first intermediate workshop of 2014 which is set to be a great one.  I have a few final things to take care of so all runs smoothly. We will also be working on some tape measure corsages for a talk and DIY I'm doing at Fashion Camp (2 day course for teens) hosted by Fashion Nanny.

Things I'm excited about this week:
Rubybox is hosting their Beauty Night Out on Friday at the Oyster Box Hotel and I'm so damn excited! Eeek! Of course that's not the only thing, but it's a big contender.

What will challenge me this week?
Staying focused! When I'm not deadline driven I can often feel as if I can take my time with things, so it's key to strike a comfortable balance and stay focused.

Personal Thoughts:
Through editing a few things which I ate my energy was definitely improved, but I need to keep going at it this week. My weekend sugar fest didn't really aid my plan - I ate way too many cupcakes and gooey chocolate brownies (totally worth it). Either than that I reread my proposed life changes yesterday to see how things were going. I have mentioned in the past that the aspect of not comparing sometimes gets me down - not often, just now and again. I also think that we often worry way to much about what others think - speculation only makes it worse. I aim to let go of small and silly concerns like this or at least try. You need to be happy with your life and not measure it by how it looks in comparison to those around you. Hard lesson to actually implement - don't you agree?

How was your weekend? Do you have a busy week ahead?

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This week's photo features:
Matchbox Stamps: Fat Tuesday in Kloof - I just love these as they stamp really clearly and are great for small projects.

Days of the Week Magnets: A very dear and organised friend gave these to me - I have all the days of the week.

Stickers: Sent to me by Eike featured in last week's Snail Mail Monthlies post.

Wooden Bird: This was actually a keyring from Accessorize which I use as a small ornament in my office.

Composition Notebooks: 100% in Gateway.

Small Spiral Notebook: A gift from Daniel found at Typo.