Seven Things: Decorex 2014

As mentioned in my Meet Free Monday post - I went to a trend talk by Dion Chang yesterday at Decorex. The talk was awesome, inspired and exceptionally well organised. I was also invited by Nespresso to visit Decorex on the expo side and enjoyed a leisurely stroll taking in all that was on offer. Last year, I was fortunate enough to speak at Decorex and so it was a more pressurized event for me, whereas this year I can fully enjoy just browsing. This year's offering seems to be exceptionally good - especially on the display and imaginative stands side. I loved creative aspects that I spotted around, but I thought I would narrow it down to seven key things which I captured via Instagram.

1 > Stretta Cafe: I've had my eye on this cool locally based business for a while and I really like the cafe space which they set-up at the show. It's true to their style and branding, plus it looks just plain awesome. I'm heading back to Decorex tomorrow and hope to sample their pizza. 

2 > Bold Prints via St Leger & Viney and Suda West Designer Spotlight: Their bold prints, interesting colours and the visually pleasing space was just perfect.They also had the most wonderful vintage bicycle parked in the centre of their stand, with a basket full of proteas both real and ceramic. Imaginative and in general a brilliantly appealing mash up of colours.

3 > Urban Lace: The work of Sarah and Chantelle was the first thing I saw as I walked in - their two spaces flank the entrance. Their locally sourced design elements and on-trend co-ordination was ever so lovely. In fact - I wish I could recreate it at home. 

4 > Nespresso: Daniel has his eye on one of these sexy machines. Something that could be quite bland is transformed into a kitchen focal point through creative design. Thanks Nespresso for the invite to Decorex! It's also their first time at a show like this and what a perfect place for them to be. Do you reckon George Clooney will make an appearance (*holding thumbs)?

5 > Bella & Boo's Tuk Tuk: I'm in loooove! How cute is this mobile machine! The set-up, colours and layout is beyond lovely and makes you want some Bella and Boo frozen yoghurt pronto. In fact the entire food section is great - clearly and cleverly thought out.

6 > Plascon: Colour and creativity in one beautifully decorated space! This bicycle caught my eye as it welcomes you to their large stand. Who knew paint could be so visually interesting.

7 > Caesarstone's Collaboration: The clever bunch over at Caesarstone collaborated with Kitchen Aid and Le Creusat to show-off their products in a whole new light. It makes for an impressive and interesting statement.

So... if you are in Durban this weekend and like pretty things, fantastic design and locally crafted and inspired products be sure to visit Decorex. Happy long weekend!

P.S: The demos this year also look really interesting with a focus on food. Joani (Masterchef contestant) is sharing quinoa recipes, plus the space has been recreated to look like a lovely, homely kitchen. There are several other interesting food orientated demos - so be sure to take a look at the line-up when you arrive at the show.