Snail Mail Monthlies: February 2014

A Snail Mail Round-Up
You know by now I love my snail mail exchanges and lately I have wanted to share my incoming mail with you. We've had dreary, grey weather of late so snapping these packages was a challenge - none the less here they are... good light, bad light whatever. I wanted to capture January too, but decided to leave it out for now as we would be here all week. I kept everything together until I could take the photos, but I had to start using a few of the pretty things. I also decided to summarise the photos as it could become quite a hefty post - let me know if you prefer more detailed / bigger images and I will happily oblige.

February kicked off with a delightful batch of goodies, including a package from Nadya in Cape Town. We started exchanging late last year and I really enjoyed her first letter. This time round she wrote in this cute panda card from Paperchase. She also sent me some lovely goodies including a Typo heart stamp. I love all the special details in this package.

I received a Chinese New Year card from my friend Win Naa in Malaysia. We often exchange letters and packages and love being a part of each other's lives. 

The very kind Miss Milly sent me a small package of her handmade cards and a little notebook - so sweet.
Mieke from Stellenbosch sent me the most amazing pastel coloured package and letter. I just love every little detail she lovingly added.

I sent Roxy from Citygirl Searching (South Korea) a small package last year and her reply was beautiful and full of really lovely and useful items including a 2014 calendar. Truly cute and lovely!
I dedicated the last four pictures to a package from Eike (Germany) which was HUGE. It arrived in a large box and I was blown away by the amount of interesting things she sent which included heaps and heaps of stationery, lip balm, tea, sweets (already enjoyed) and crafty bits and pieces. 

I hope you enjoyed this quick round-up of the snail mail I received in February.