A Delayed Meet Free Monday: #17

14 April: A Day at HQ
*Long post ahead...
Hello to you and hello to...um...Tuesday. This week's Meet Free Monday post is delayed due to the quick Kamers giveaway that I wanted to share. If I can be honest with you, I've been having mixed emotions over the MFM posts and whether they are too repetitive - I'm just not sure. They are also quite a bit of work and they take a bit of soul searching for me in order to admit weaknesses in a public online space. Believe it or not, when it comes to emotions I am a private person, despite living part of my life online. At the same time I missed doing the post yesterday morning and felt like I had heaps of things I needed to tell you. While thinking - I thought would it be better if I did one MFM post a month, check in and set my intentions all in one go? I don't know - help me out here. My general feeling is that this could be a better idea, but you can let me know what you prefer. They are fairly personal and once I post them I hear so little with only one to three or so comments. This is by no means about comments only, but I just wanted to find out what the general consensus is.

Back to our regular discussing and MFM process... I had a really great weekend - one of those where you get to do different things and they all just slot in perfectly. I feel as if I want to mention Friday too at the risk of making this a ridiculously long post. Anyway, so on Friday, work was on the go as usual and I also met up for lunch with the lovely Janet of Rubio Communications. I had a few last minute errands to run for the Thrift Sale and also collected a really pretty package (will share in mail monthlies). Most of the day was spent on finalising all for the sale, which also included a late night and an early start on Saturday. The sale was a wonderful success and I am so grateful to all of you who attended and shared the event. I think a special thanks is needed for everyone online who put up with my consistent sale updates and reminders, but as mentioned last week I wanted as many people there as possible. After the fun of the sale my family joined me for lunch at Spiga, which was such a perfect finish to the day. The balance of afternoon was spent on a few sale related admin tasks and on the couch to watch Revenge episodes (judge if you like). You might think I'm crazy, but on Saturday eve I tidied part of my cupboard - I was actually looking for something and ended up having to unpack heaps of things so I just rearranged and organised it (but, never found what I was looking for). On Sunday we slept in - much needed! I had promised myself that the profit from selling my things at the sale was going into new wardrobe items. I have nothing to wear - I mean it... so we headed out for lunch and a bit of shopping. I didn't find exactly what I was after, but I did get a great pair of heels and a dressing gown in the loveliest fluffiest fabric from Cotton On. I picked up a few other bits and pieces. I also stocked up on some treats and we retired to the couch to eat said treats and watch movies. A pretty good weekend I think!

The Working Week in Review / Last Week:
I am so proud of last week's work and all that was accomplished. Two big projects are well on their way. In general I just felt better mood wise with Wednesday being the most productive day with Claire in the office. I find I often get so focused on getting stuff done that I almost get into a bad mood, but with some support it all felt doable. My week also followed my preferred structure of three solid office based days. I also managed to fit in a fun night out at the Mr Price VIP event.

The Working Week:
I feel as if the thought of Easter is making this week seem a bit more chilled - not sure if this is good or bad. There is less office time this week and I will be spend several hours out at consulting sessions. Work on a few blogs continues which I look forward to sharing when they launch. There are several tasks that keep slipping off the list which I simply MUST do this week. Good old procrastination is ever present - these tasks are marked by plenty of 'NB', highlighting and arrows!

Things I'm excited about this week:
Easter and less pressure. Something else really good happened which seems too good to be true and basically we're going away for most of next week. I will share more once I have the ticket in hand.

What will challenge me this week?
To not feel too chilled due to the long weekend's fast approach. My office is also a BIG mess after crafting for the sale and just a general disarray of projects and 'creative mess' (read clutter). Oh and you know that filing I mentioned many weeks ago - yes that hasn't been done (oops)!

Personal Thoughts:
Last week I mentioned my return to yoga and I went again yesterday and just loved it. My friend and I are trying a new, more strenuous class, but it's really awesome. Doing it on a Monday night also seems to set the tone for the week. Personally, I feel very blessed at the moment and grateful for simple, happy things. 
I've been into watching YouTube make-up and beauty videos quite a bit lately and felt that I wanted a few more products, but didn't want to blow my budget. Since starting to think about this, it's as if the stars have aligned and I have been receiving beauty related gifts, samples and press packs. For example, I won a prize at the Rubybox Beauty Nightout - a huge Morgan Taylor hamper and last week my mom gave me some large samples size Gatineau products. I just love taking time to get ready using new items and feeling pampered. 

I hope you have a really great and positive week!

This week's photo features:
One Line A Day Notebook: Exclusive Books
Tapes: Typo & In Good Co
Scissors: Typo (of course)
Glasses Pin / Brooch: Gift, but I'm sure it came from Eclectic.
Pen: Gift from Thailand.