A Bon Voyage Meet Free Monday

I hope your long weekend has been wonderful and what a great thought that today is a work free one too. Thank you so much for your feedback on last week's MFM post. I'm still deciding exactly how to run things, but it seems as if most people were in favour of keeping the series. My weekend was actually quite fun and social. I must admit I love the thought of no plans and sleeping in, but a change is as good as a holiday (the words of my gran). Thursday was a jam-packed work day between consulting sessions, errands and meetings. On Friday, we slept in and I worked for most of the morning and had to pop out to help a client. Daniel joined me and afterwards we went to Cafe Jiran for lunch. Their hot choc and toasted sandwiches are my favourite! We also took a walk to Bike and Bean. The weather in Durban at the moment is so beautiful - warm with no humidity. I fitted in a bit more work as well as relaxing after our outing. Saturday was spent with friends, first for breakfast at Vovo Telo and then at Gateway and Tashas. I had a few more things on my Winter shopping list and found exactly what I was after. Victory! I caught up with my parents and spent time sitting outside chatting and looking at the ocean. Sunday is French toast day, which is Daniel's speciality. A dear friend joined us and we had a delightful time chatting and catching up. The balance of the day was spent packing and working. Last week I mentioned a potential trip, but I wasn't sure if all would work out. The great and happy news is - it did and we are off on a five day cruise today! I'm so excited and spent hours planning my outfits and thinking of every possible thing we might need. The trip is a gift from my cousin who won it, but couldn't go. How exciting - I am beyond grateful! We won't have much signal and my laptop is staying at home so it will be a true break. I have a few posts scheduled for you to enjoy. Looking forward to sharing the trip with you upon our return.

I can therefore say, not only is today meet free, but the rest of the week too. Let me know how your week is looking post public holidays.

This week's photo features:
*Spot the bunnies - how apt. 
Wreck this Journal: Exclusive Books (such a fun concept).
Wooden Bunny: A lovely toy shop which is now closed (sadly).
White Bunny Clip: Gift, but I did see Mr Price Home had them for a while.
Bear Brooch: A gift from the lovely Claire who works with me - she brought it back from the Design Indaba expo earlier this year. It's from Trinket.
Camera Stamp: Etsy (sorry can't recall supplier).
Mini Scissors: Milnerton Market
Pencils: CNA