Meet Free Monday #19

28 April: A Day at HQ

I'm back and just like that our time away flew by! It was amazing and we really enjoyed being together, relaxing, eating too much and breathing in fresh sea air. We arrived back early on Friday and it felt like a bit of an anti-climax, but once I got settled at home and sorted out my thoughts - all felt better. Our aim for the weekend was to ease back into life and to settle into work so, we really didn't do much. Yesterday was our only day out as we ventured to Wonder Market, drank champagne, went for lunch and did some shopping (our fridge was rather empty). We finished off the day with a movie and couch time (personal fav). I think it only fair that after many days off I need to get back into the swing of things today. I like the feel of working on public holidays as it feels as if there is less pressure which results in more productivity. I'm very happy to be in the office today!

The Working Week in Review / Last Week:
So... as you know last week definitely didn't involve much work, but I did spend last weekend lining up updates, posts, emails and client projects for the time I was away. It really made me realise that by planning ahead I could get so much more done freeing up additional time. I would like to see how I can adopt this way of planning into the business further. Of course I plan ahead, but often work on things as they happen, last week's scheduling meant I was able to be out of the office - guilt free and all was taken care of.

The Working Week:
All these public holidays mean that work is a bit scrambled as most people are in permanent holiday mode (I can't blame them). I do want to use this time wisely and get a few projects off our plate so that we can move forward and get May off to a cracking and productive start. Today I'm easing into work and enjoying being in my own space. I will be decorating this week's planner pages and writing my lists. I also plan to work on this week's thoughts and goals. I have mentioned in the past that I created a planner sheet and I use it as a weekly diary entry to comment on my mindset, thoughts and intent. Tomorrow, I want to get back to a normal work day - I have quite a bit to do which as usual involves emails, client projects, blog posts, client online updates and so on. I spent some time on the weekend mapping out a few new blog post topics and some business plans and I would like to develop these further.

Things I'm excited about this week:
I love being home! Holidays are amazing, but you know by now that I am such a homebody. I also have loads of packages to get out both snail mail related and client thank you gifts - my project table is full and I'm looking forward to sending them off. On another note organising for this year's Etsy Craft Party has kicked off - watch this space!

What will challenge me this week?
The false sense of holiday mode I still find myself in. I feel in a bit of a lull and at some point my brain needs to realise that we need to get going.

Personal Thoughts:
I started a project notebook a while ago, but to be honest I haven't really been keeping a tab on it. I want to sort out these projects today and fill out what needs doing with regards to home based projects. One of these tasks is storage within my wardrobe both for clothing and accessories. Daniel and my dad very kindly created a really lovely chest of drawers for me, but it is still empty as I'm thinking of how to best use it. I'm on the hunt for some lovely storage containers to aid the project, but I haven't found what I'm after (loving these options from 27Pinkx). With May kicking off this week I want to line-up a few new goals. I feel like this year is going way too fast and in a way it makes me realise that now is the time to achieve!

Do you have any personal projects you are working on?

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This week's photo features:
Folder: Paperchase (love this print).
Paper Bird: From Paper Jet found at On a Whim in Joburg. He is a little magnet & lives in my office.
Little Dog, Buttons & Little Key: Vintage random finds.
Swallow Tin: Also a random vintage find - I really like this.