Popping In

Time flies - I can't believe how fast this week is going and just how lucky we are to be aboard this beauty! 

Just a quick reminder to take in every moment and enjoy each and every one. I think we can get so side-tracked and we often feel as if we are running a race, through life, through each week and day. I fall into this mindset too - sometimes wishing away time in order to get through meetings or work so I can relax. Hurrying time along so that I can do as I please. The only thing is - those blissful moments like weekends, holidays and breaks fly by before we can quite grasp them. Technology also plays a part in stealing our time, energy, interest and the essence of living in the moment. My gran always used to remind me that a large part of the excitement lies in looking forward to something, as once you arrive it vanishes in front of your eyes. I couldn't agree more, but need to pay attention to not wishing away the boring moments, but to rather embrace them as a moment to be grateful for. 

I hope your week is full of beautiful moments.

*Photo via the MSC website.