Freebie Friday - May

A Free E-Book via Emma Gwillim
Hooray for the May Freebie Friday resource! When it comes to creative business and community, sharing really is a wonderful way to communicate. This is why I had to to tell you about this wonderful free resource. Emma Gwillim runs her own creative business aimed at igniting the sparkle within others...
"I’m Emma Gwillim, the Clarity & Confidence Coach.  I empower ambitious mums who feel like they’ve lost their identity, their direction and their ‘me-time’ to get reacquainted with their inner sparkle so they can nurture their own dreams, as well as their family, and create an impact in their world."

Despite focusing on mothers, her guidance and site are, however great for any creative looking for inspiration as is her free e-book (which you can receive once you sign up for her newsletter). Happy reading and pass on the sharing love.

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  1. Peg & Pencil5/19/2014

    Thanks so much for this really fantastic post! Looking forward to signing up and reading some more. We sometimes forget our worth and goals so this was something really great to come across xxx

  2. Chané Badenhorst5/19/2014

    Thank you so much for the share! Although I'm not a mom, this e-book sounds like just the thing I need right now.

  3. Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Happy reading & I hope it inspires you further! x

  4. Thanks for your comment! I'm also not a mom, but found it inspiring - which I'm sure you will too! Happy reading. x

  5. Great to hear you're looking to re-focus on your worth .... your sparkle! Let me know how you get on x

  6. Hi Chane - Great to hear that this speaks to you. I believe that us ladies have a lot to juggle... I'd love to hear how you get on.
    Emma x

  7. Nadia - Thank you so much for sharing this with your wonderful community. I'm so excited to see the passion and inspiration on your site - I love to see people stepping into their sparkle and you're definitely an inspiration here! Plus, your site LOOKS beautiful too! x


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