Meet Free Monday #20

5 May: Planning at HQ
Today's post is my monthly planning one, due to it being the first Monday of May. My main inspiration in today's planning session has been via one creative blogger - Kelly from Little Red Moose. She is an organised creative and seeing her planners and Filofaxes gets me excited for doing my own list making. 

Let's chat about May and how the month is looking. Well, as always there is a lot to get done. All the usual work orientated 'to dos' are present, but I also feel that my goal setting needs to be a strong focus - both within our office / business work and on the personal side. Daniel and I are working on a few things and although they are all positive, new ideas and changes can also be really scary. My planning nature always feels better when I list and map out a route. My aim is to make time for this, rather than have my head in the sand feeling afraid to start. 

My monthly 'list for living' stays much the same and reads as follows:
Manage stress and personal expectation.
Look after my body's needs through rest, nutrition and exercise.
Do not spend unnecessary money. This is always a tough one - I love shopping and always have an eye out for pretty things. I loved this post from Kelly on planning a no spend month.

This list stays the same most of the time as it reflects back to what I set out for the year in January.

Project Related:
Complete final elements from spring clean - wardrobe, office and donations.
Work on personal projects - recipe book (a file or book to house recipes from mags etc) and project notebook.

I have a bit more thinking to do around themonth and setting out of plans, which I will complete today. Let's get to the fun part... pretty pictures to get us inspired...
As mentioned Little Red Moose is one of my main inspirations at the moment. Kelly's blog and Instagram are so lovely to look at!

Alba's Universe is another blog full of Filofax sharing. I also spotted these pointers on her blog: A quick reflection on living - handy to keep in your diary or planner.
Believe    while others are doubting
Plan         while others are playing
Study       while others are sleeping
Decide     while others are delaying
Prepare    while others are daydreaming
Begin      while others are procrastinating
Work       while others are wishing
Save        while others are wasting
Listen      while others are talking
Smile       while others are pouting
Commend while others are criticizing
Persist     while others are quitting

Honey We're Home is a new blog discovery. An organised office is a must for feeling on top of both planning and also it inspires you to want to be within the space. Take a look at Megan's desk here.

On the left-hand side of the desk is a lovely picture showing a notepad - this is from Thyme is Honey. She created a host of useful resources which are for sale in her Etsy shop.

What are a few of your favourite organising tools? Mine are highlighters, washi tape and my Frixion pens (just in case I make a mistake). Good luck for your week and of course for May!