Meet Free Monday #21

12 May: A Day at HQ

It's our first public holiday free week in a while - what a shock to the system. I have heard many people say that they are ready to get back to a normal routine. I don't really feel as if I had much of a weekend. On Friday I worked late, so to speak, Daniel and I enjoyed a late dinner at home and were both beyond tired. Saturday we wanted to go for an early breakfast, but after a work emergency on Daniel's side we ended up being out the house all day. We did manage an awesome lunch at Tashas and a quick browse in Gateway. I spent the evening on a very tedious admin task, not very glamorous at all! By Sunday I needed to sleep in and after a little snooze some work needed my attention. We decided to go out for a quick lunch which was so lovely. We headed to my parent's for a Mother's Day braai in the afternoon - always great to hang out with the fam.

The Working Week in Review / Last Week:
I enjoyed last week as I managed to really commit my time to projects which have been on my list for far too long. I used a chunk of the public holiday to complete a client's online shop - felt great. The admin task mentioned above was also tackled and involved quite a bit of brain power, a gazillion paper clips and patience. It's almost done and I really pushed myself to just keep sorting and going. I also couldn't complain as technically I had left my filing and sorting to pile up and hence a marathon organising session was required. On a personal note I managed to go to yoga twice and one of the classes is literally across the road from our home - amazing (and it's free)! I completed the majority of tasks that needed my attention and having Claire in the office also added to the productivity. Friday was spent feeling a bit all over the show with errands and work, but it finished off with a fantastic consulting session with an inspired client. A fairly good week I think.

The Working Week:
Today I'm feeling a bit tired and it seems I am fighting flu to which I refuse to succumb. I'm planning out the week and started my day by reading this useful seven day plan on Pinterest. This week's main focus needs to be emails. I seem to have a bit of a mental block against them - it's not that I don't love receiving them as they're usually positive... new work, clients, concepts and so on. I get down as I don't really feel like I ever make a dent in my inbox. I just have to get over it and learn to get better at dealing with them. My plan of action is to do a blitz today and then to dedicate small segments of time to it through the week (tips welcome). The Etsy party is of course a focus too and I'm happy to announce tickets are sold out. The next batch of workshops need to get planned, including Cape Town and Joburg. Exciting and scary all in one go!

Things I'm excited about this week:
Both Daniel and I are in the midst of quite a busy time in our work schedules, so there isn't much happening on our social front. I'm always so happy to be home and to have time to dedicate to personal projects, enjoying good food and spending time with my beloved. Simplicity can be so joyful.

What will challenge me this week?
Emails... and changing my mindset about dealing with them.

Personal Thoughts:
I feel as if I have shared a few personal thoughts mixed in with my to dos. Time for personal projects are few and far between at the moment. I'm still trying to ensure I make time for exercise and I'm loving yoga. Every time I do it I wish I had discovered it earlier in life. I have heaps of snail mail to get out - starting to feel embarrassed with how long some packages have taken me - terrible!

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This week's photo features:
Snail Mail Craft Pack: I really love putting these together to send to faraway friends.
Cupcake Purse: Gift
Mix of Trinkets: The doily edged one is from ohhellofriend. The rest are just a little random collection from near and far.