Meet Free Monday #23

26 May: A Day at HQ
How was your weekend? I had a great one with a mix of work and fun. On Friday night Daniel and I made a Mexican themed dinner which was delicious. I did spend some of the evening working as I'm on a few deadlines at the moment. On Saturday morning I went to an event hosted by Caitlyn de Beer - we networked, chatted and learnt a few very useful things. I really enjoyed it! On Saturday afternoon it was back to the computer, but the day wasn't without some relaxing too - I ensured I had time to read... tucked into bed. In the evening we went out for dinner and enjoyed some wine and really good pizza. On Sunday we had a peaceful and relaxed start to the day. Daniel had to do some work and so did I. Later we enjoy a late lunch together complimented with our favourite TV program and some couch time. In the late afternoon we joined friends at their new home for wine and some of the best snacks ever! I ate heaps as everything was delicious. Lastly, I did have to finish off the day with a bit more work, but I didn't mind as I made progress which felt great. I took a few hours off this morning to eat breakfast in my own time and to get going into the new week.

The Working Week in Review / Last Week:
I'm fairly pleased with last week's process. I got off to a slow start, but everything evened out and in fact it was quite productive. What made me happiest was the fact that last week Tuesday I completely finished off my office clean-out. I have a set of shelves which are actually a wire locker and I have felt very uninspired to decorate it or arrange it. Inspiration finally struck and I'm very happy with the outcome. It was a hard working week, but the productivity and completion of projects makes it all worthwhile. 

The Working Week:
This week I want to build on last week and commit even further to getting through all that needs doing. I find that focused, productive time in shorter bursts works well. The Etsy Party planning is also taking up quite a bit of my time, but so far so good. Thursday is meeting day and it's a back to back day which includes consults and a blogging lesson. A few of my clients are entering into a really busy stage of the year so my focus this week will be to guide them where needed. Either than that we have three bigger blog related projects on the go along with a collaborative project that I'm working on.

Things I'm excited about this week:
Tonight we're celebrating my dad's birthday. On Thursday my friends I have a birthday in the group so we are off to dinner which is sure to be filled with lots of laughter. The Ruby Orchard's in store workshop is on Sunday and I'm excited to be a sponsor and to take part.

What will challenge me this week?
Keeping at it and reminding myself how much I actually can get done when I'm focused.

Personal Thoughts:
At the moment things are quite good. I still need to keep an eye on my stress - which I feel yoga is helping with. It felt good dropping off the last donation on Thursday from my ridiculously long and thorough clean out. 

How is your week looking - please do share, I love hearing from you?

Featured in today's photo:
The main purpose is to show you this little tray that I'm using for storage on my desk. I found it at Woolworths in the home section and it's actually a picnic plate. The compartments and cheerful colour work well on my desk. I'm quite chuffed with this idea. They do still have them in stock - click here / it was R49.95 and this is the only colour option. Love it!