Seven Things: Networking & Fun

As mentioned in this week's MFM post, I attended a lovely networking event last Saturday. I personally enjoy getting out there and meeting new people to work or connect with. Caitlyn de Beer arranged the get together. There were several creative ladies I did know, but several I hadn't met yet, so the mix was varied which always makes things more interesting. Caitlyn was a graceful hostess and treated us to an inspired morning which gave me much needed fuel  for my working weekend. People often ask me if I'm a life coach to which I reply no, as I'm more of a business coach / consultant specialising in creative fields, whereas Caitlyn focuses on the actual life side. We both agree there are overlaps in our work, but we also agree that there is plenty to go around and that there is a greater reward in synergy rather than, imagined competition. Let's chat further about Seven Things I enjoyed on the day...

1 > Feeling Inspired: I'm usually the one running workshops so I don't often get to sit back and enjoy information sharing by someone else. Caitlyn prepped work booklets for us and went through them to get us in tune with ourselves and our businesses. I loved the pastel hues and useful info within.

2 > Pink: You know by now I love pink and it seems so does Caitlyn. I gifted her one of my branded notebooks to say thanks for the day and look how nicely the packaging matched her stationery and phone. 

3 > A Graceful Hostess: We all like to feel welcome - especially when we don't know everyone. It was great to have hostess who took the time to allow everyone to feel included regardless of the level or size of their business.

4 > Breakfast: The yummy snacks both healthy and not so healthy were delicious. I enjoyed a piece of red velvet cake because I had already had breakie. Even if I hadn't I would still have had cake... ha ha (breakfast of champs).

5 > Beautiful Flowers: Cheerful blooms add to any event and these brightened the day even further.

6 > Networking: The reason for the little event - I enjoyed browsing through everyone's cards and learning more about what they do.

7 > A Chance to Share: I took the opportunity to package up some business cards to handout. I love packaging goodies up (obviously) and it adds a little something extra.

I hope your week is going really well so far! Almost weekend time.