Seven Things

A Glimpse of Life: Captured via Instagram

It's been a while since I shared a Seven Things post. In fact the last one was the Decorex Seven Things, which was far too long ago! In today's glimpse I share seven things I have been up to, seen or enjoyed - all captured via Instagram.

1 > Profits: I haven't chatted much about the Thrift Sale that I organised in April, but it went really well, which of course makes me very happy. I really enjoyed earning money for things that I no longer wanted or needed. The first picture shows a lovely book and new earrings which I bought with some of my sale profits.

2 > Wrapped and Ready: I recently bought a copy of Decorate Workshop (found at Adams in Musgrave) for a friend's birthday and wrapped it using a few favourites. I included the 29 as she made a point of celebrating the fact that she was a year away from thirty. On another note I can really recommend the book - the layout and concept is beautiful.

3 > Sitting Pretty: I received this mirrored tray for my 21st birthday and it has travelled around with me from home to home. I really love its simplicity and using it to show-off a few of my favourite beauty items. It makes me feel like a true lady.

4 > Creating: I have been on the hunt for a few statement necklaces, but each one I spotted didn't look unique enough, so I just made my own. I don't have a lot of time to get crafty, but every now and again I love making something personal.

5 > Bloggers & Treats: I attended the exceptionally well organised Durban Blogger Meet (#DBNbloggermeet) and was showered with amazing goodies from a whole host of wonderful sponsors. The list was incredible and included delicious pizza from Hashtag (the venue), beauty delights, macarons from Madam Macaron and even cups from Le Creuset. It was an exceptionally busy week that followed so I didn't get to credit everyone, but Fathima did a really lovely post - take a look.

6 > Mr Price: I recently went to a fun event hosted by Mr P for their Winter launch. We shopped, we laughed and we had plenty of champers. One of the best things was the smores bar - heaven! I stole this snap from Monique.

7 > Creative Jars: I created a few of these jars which were for sale at the Thrift Sale. They were full to the brim with crafty things like buttons, charms and ribbon. 

I hope you are having a awesome weekend so far.