Tried & Tested: Lovely Things Tried in May

I love trying new things, but at the same time I really don't like wasting money. Researching and discovering the ideal product is always a small triumph and lately as I try things which work or that I enjoy - I thought it useful to share them. In May's batch you will see there are an array of items with one brand standing out as a clear winner and this is due to it working brilliantly for me. I would also love to hear what you have loved and tried lately - please leave a comment and share.
Ruan Hoffman Mug: I am a firm believer in the right mug making all the difference. I spotted this beauty ages ago and didn't buy it, but couldn't stop thinking about it. I finally made it mine and it's the perfect shape and size, plus the design is just darling. It's part of the Ruan Hoffman for Woolworths collection and was R39.95.

Dirty Works Face Wipes: I am fussy when it comes to face / make-up remover wipes as in the past they have dried out my eyes. I gave the Dirty Works wipes a try due to the price and I'm so pleased I did. They contain several natural ingredients and are free of 'nasties'! At R29.95 from Clicks they are wonderful!

Toy Nail Polish in Cherry Blossom:  I was very excited to try this Colombian brand and when it comes to nail polish I must be honest - I am usually disappointed. However, not in this case - it dried quickly and beautifully and lasted over a week with one or two touch ups. I'm trying a couple of other colours at the moment, including a very bright and cheerful pink and I'm suitably impressed by that too. Available via Toy South Africa for around R99.

Frixion Pens:  I mentioned these in last week's MFM post as I use them daily. I just wanted to mention them again as they work so well and the fact that you can erase them makes them even more awesome. I often had to write in pencil especially on my calendar and now I can use these instead - neater and colourful. Sold at CNA, Waltons & some Pick n Pay stores for around R28.99. I use them fairly sparingly as I used my first one to write pages and pages of notes and it ran out quite quickly. However, for daily diary use and lists they seem to last well.

Eucerin Treatment Products: I have very dry skin and I suffer from Keratosis pilaris - which is when your hair follicles get blocked. This is mostly due to a lack of moisture and there isn't a cure. It isn't serious, but it can look horrible and in turn knock your confidence when it comes to wearing short sleeves (mine is on my arms). I did some research on it and there were all kinds of suggested treatments with Urea (an emollient) being the most popular. I found two really awesome products from Eucerin, one is a shower oil and the other is a lotion. The oil has more of a lathering feel when water is added which feels quite luxurious when used / rather than oily. I also use it on my face as a treatment now and again (not around eye area). It's gentle and has a very faint smell. I follow it up with the Eurcerin 10% Urea Complete Repair Intensive Lotion. I am so happy at how well it's working for me. The difference is very noticeable and it is the first thing to have worked for this problem! I have to use it daily as it is a treatment rather than a cure. The oil also works really well for shaving, especially if you are prone to itchy skin or bumps. I can't recommend these enough! The lotion is R159.95 and the oil is R139.95 from Dischem. Not cheap, but personally worth it.

Eucerin Q10 Active: Yes, another Eucerin product. What can I say - they work for me. I discovered this several months ago and am now on my second pot of this daily moisturiser. As mentioned I have dry skin with some combination areas, but this seems to cover it all. It doesn't mention a SPF, but my BB cream and foundation both contain one and if I leave the house make-up free for exercise or to be outdoors I wear a sunscreen. It has no fragrance and my make-up flows and blends smoothly over it. It's available at Dischem for R199.95.

Popcorn Indiana: I have a confession to make - I am ridiculously addicted to this brand of popcorn. I have tried other brands as well as homemade and nothing beats the taste or texture. I have to ration myself or else I will go through a pack a day (terrible of me). It's stocked at most Woolworths food stores (snack section) for R24.95 which is more pricey than other local brands, but truly nothing else compares! It's produced in America so not all the flavours are available here. The Aged White Cheddar and the Original Kettlecorn, a sweet and salty mix are my favourites. It's gluten free so I feel a touch better. I'm in love!

I hope you found my feedback on these useful and as mentioned let me know what you can recommend at the moment.