Use your Public Holiday Wisely

Three easy things you'll be thankful for later:

Some are complaining about them, others are soaking it all in and some haven't even noticed. Say what you will about all these public holidays... for one I know I'm grateful! Yes, another public holiday and if you find yourself enjoying a lazy morning, laying by the pool or sitting on the couch, why not put this 'day off' to good use. There are three really easy things that you can take on today, that will be fun and I promise you in the near future (maybe even tomorrow) you will be happy you did. We are on the long haul until the end of the year and the better we use our time the better the ride will be.

Brainstorm & Dream
Think up a few new ideas and develop one or two of them. By sitting back and just thinking... you might come up with a golden idea. Our minds need time to mull over concepts and clever ways of making and doing things. Keep some pretty pens handy and a big piece of white paper. Jot down, draw and get creative.

List & Think Ahead
What are some of the things you want to do this year? Think about your personal life, business, home and even fun things. Make a few lists and keep them on your desk - that way when things get a bit crazy you can reflect. Listing helps clear out the brain, so that you can focus on what's important right now.

Read & Record
I have a heap of magazines next to my bed - they have useful articles in them, but they take up space. I'm going to go through them tear out the important / pretty things, record websites I want to visit and also jot down useful tips. It's a great day to catch up on your blog reading too or some online research. By taking down a few important things you spotted, through your reading you can make the time count.

Have a great day full of dreaming and creativity!

Pretty picture via Glitter Guide.