Let's Catch-Up

You might have noticed I have been fairly quiet this week. I needed some time to regroup and get back into the swing of things. I gave myself permission to step back from blogging (sometimes necessary). I wanted to cover a few things and have a little catch up in today's post.

The Etsy Party was great! Thanks so much to everyone who made it possible. I still have a host of 'thank yous' to send out. I'm looking forward to sharing more photos soon, but in the meantime take a look at the Instagrams below.

Up & Coming Events:
I'm excited (and only slightly nervous) to share that I will be in Cape Town in August to run consulting sessions and workshops. I'm busy setting up the dates and will do a post focused on that asap.

Another awesome thing that will be happening during my trip is I will be speaking at the Top Vendor Wedding Awards and sharing tips on creative business via my talk.

My client Fashion Nanny is hosting Style Camp at the beginning of July. The workshop is aimed at teen girls who want to learn more about fashion, beauty and etiquette. I love this concept and wish there was something like this during my teen years. I will be speaking at the event about blogging, online safety and etiquette as well as fashion online.

The Etsy Party has further inspired me to do a few small craft workshops. I have some wonderful supplies on hand and I had so many ladies asking for guidance at the party that it seems like the perfect idea. These will start in Durban for now and will be open to five ladies at a time. I will share dates and the venue soon. The focus will be on being creative rather than for professionals. I will be teaching so it will suit people who want to be more inspired in their wrapping, packaging and general creativity.

Past Events & Features:
Emma-Jane of EmmaJaneNation was in Durban recently and hosted a wonderful dinner very simply called Durban Dinner. It was such a fun evening of chatting and catching up with fellow bloggers. Ask Ashe, Ruby and Swallow and Jane of Marketed were just a few of the lovely ladies in attendance.

The super funny, clever and creative Che from indieberries did a very helpful post this week - all about naming your business. She included a Q&A with me about the subject. You will also see that I am offering a creative consulting special - don't miss out.

You might remember me mentioning the in-store workshop at The Ruby Orchard - the event went really well and was exceptionally well organised. I sponsored notebooks for all the creative attendees and I did a short closing talk to sum up what we learnt. Thanks so much to Hannah and Nicola for being so welcoming. It was a day full of tips and how to improve the business aspect of creative work.

This past weekend Blog Boot Camp  was held and I was proud to sponsor a prize to inspire the blogging minds who attended. The day looks like it was beautiful and full of useful learning. Lana and Kathryn are both respected bloggers so it was wonderful to be a part of the event and to share my creative business thoughts via my branded giveaway.

The photos start off with a few snaps of the Etsy Party, including an Instagram from Peg & Pencil. Followed by a photo of Emma-Jane and I taken by Nicola. The gorgeous blooms are from the workshop held at The Ruby Orchard as is the notebook photo. Lastly, I captured the packaging for my sponsored prize sent off to Blog Boot Camp.

I hope you have had a lovely week so far! Chat soon.