Cape Town Creative Business Workshops

As mentioned in last week's update post I'm planning the Cape Town creative business workshops scheduled for mid-August. I am in the process of looking at venues, exact dates and sponsors.

There are two ways to take part:
  • Attend one of the workshops and invest in your creative business.
  • Sponsor either a giveaway or goodie bag items for the workshop as marketing for your business. Services are welcome too for example photography or a florist.

If you are interested in attending - please leave a comment and let me know what you would prefer:
  • Weekend or weekday workshop?
  • Introductory course or intermediate?
  • You can also leave your email address and I will email you the minute the dates and further details are released (you will also receive a booking discount).

If you are interested in sponsoring something then email me with a short intro on what you would like to offer.

Any great venue suggestions will be great too.

I'm really excited to be heading to CT soon! To take a look at past workshop fun - just click here.