Etsy Craft Party Update

This year's international Etsy Craft Party is only two sleeps away - how exciting! I wanted to post a quick update showing the inspiration behind the craft and to remind attendees what to bring. This year's theme is 'Recapture: Bring new meaning to your photographs', in that spirit we will be decorating photos of course. There will be lovely supplies via Typo, Washi Bug and a few other suppliers too.

A couple of tickets have become available - to book visit this site. Please (I beg of you) only book if you can attend.

This inspiration just hints at what can be done when you get creative and I have a few lovely locals working on some examples for the night to add even more idea. If you are attending please remember:
  • Your R100 cash entrance fee. (Drinks will be for sale so some extra cash for that is a good idea.)
  • Scissors and Pritt.
  • A photo of your choice - I suggest a jumbo size printed in black and white or sepia. Another option is printing an Instagram pic or if you have printed any pics via Nifty250 then those will work brilliantly too. The awesome Nifty250 team have also sponsored a few prints which will be available to use on the evening, but only as extras to what you will already be decorating.

Feel free to let me know if you have questions or want to confirm anything. If you have booked a ticket and can no longer attend PLEASE let me know so that someone on the waiting list can fill your spot! See you on Friday!

Inspiration via Amy Tangerine and Be Crafty.