Party Day & A Reflection

As you might have noticed I have been focusing on one thing this week! The Etsy Craft Party! Why, you might wonder? Well... I am hosting the Durban party and from what I can see the ONLY one taking place in South Africa. The event takes place across the world today only and is run via Etsy HQ in New York! I think it's an amazing thing to be a part of and I'm honoured to host it locally. This week I have been utterly amazed at the incredible items and giveaway goodies that I have received. South African creatives have been absolutely wonderful and generous in their contributions! 

I take on this party because I want to do SA proud and give our city a chance to be represented in the international creative arena. Etsy does not fund the party and I use my own money to plan the entire thing from hiring additional items through to snacks, supplies and decor. There have been loads of wonderful people involved for example Marco from Spiga who is sponsoring the venue. In Good Company who have sent the most amazing item for each attendee. Tickets were sold out and I expressly asked that people committed and only booked if they could attend. The booking system doesn't allow for local rand payments so everyone pays at the venue. Sadly, many people booked tickets and waited until late this week to say they can no longer make it, leaving me with very little time to market and sell those tickets. Life happens - I get it, but it makes my planning and dedication really difficult and it definitely makes me question why I take on this risk. Now, don't get me wrong - it's just that... a risk so I can't complain. This event is incredible and I'm not saying that just because I'm involved - it really is. I just wanted to take a moment and be honest in what I do and also share in the ups and downs on taking on a project like this. It's hard work!

There are still tickets left due to last minute cancellations - so if you want to join in, have some fun, meet wonderful people and get a few freebies come and join us tonight. I promise it's worth more than you can imagine. In turn you will be helping people like me who have a vision to keep on doing what we do!