Meet Free Monday #25

16 June: A Day at HQ

I'm so pleased that today is a public holiday! Daniel is at home and somehow everything feels so much more relaxed. It's also a welcome break after a very busy weekend. Daniel's dad came to stay with us so we spent a lot of time out and about which included a family dinner and the highlight - an invitation to celebrate. On Saturday we took a mini-road trip down the coast to Daniel's great aunt's 100th birthday party! It was an honour to meet someone who was still so happy and capable. There was champagne, balloons, a beautiful cake and the birthday girl wore sequins! Weekend made! 

The Working Week in Review / Last Week:
I was tired last week - the weekend was busy and the Etsy party really took it out of me. As mentioned in my previous post I took some time off from blogging to regroup. I battled a bit to get focused and to get going. I was happy to get through several tasks, but the list continues this week. I realised that I still need to work on my routine and way of dealing with tasks - it's always a work in progress. So much of what I do is rooted in how I feel and if I feel slightly off I work on feeling better and understanding why certain things don't work for me. I also spent some time last week thinking through what I want from my blogging and business. Sometimes blogging can be a task of giving and often it's quite lonely. 

The Working Week:
I'm feeling inspired for the week. Today I plan on doing a bit of catching up and relaxing too. I'm also off to a massage a little bit later - one of my favourite things and a real stress buster. The main focus of this week is simplifying my 'to do's' and work schedule in general. I want to group everything together. Tomorrow and Wednesday are office days. Thursday is a day out for meetings and it's fully booked. Friday will be an office day with Claire to work on several of our current projects which are currently dominated by client blog related work. 

Things I'm excited about this week:
Oooh I'm looking forward to my massage just now. Yey! I have a few snail mail projects to finish off which is always fun and relaxing. I have quite a few newish crafty things and it's so fun to use them. Quite simple, but it makes me happy.

What will challenge me this week?
Feeling motivated to get through all that needs doing. I also really want to focus on healthy eating this week - last week we hardly ate at home and this week I'm craving simple, healthy home cooked food.

Personal Thoughts:
I'm feeling quite reflective and thoughtful at the moment, but to be honest I'm always a thinker and have a million things on my mind (some are useful and some are silly). I'm still loving yoga which really helps to silence my mind.

How are you and what's on your mind at the moment? 

Featured in today's photo:
The details on a snail mail package for a friend in Germany.