30 Days to 30

It's 29 days until I turn thirty! I admit - I'm excited rather than daunted. It is of course the age by which we feel we need to really be grown up, but will be ever truly reach that point? You know by now I am a thinker and I decided to do a journal entry looking back at the past decade - the good things, the bad things, the fun times and the downright crap ones. In general it was an exciting journey punctuated by some of the most difficult and heart wrenching decisions of my life (read this post to understand more - Q3). As I look ahead at the next decade I feel inspired to live my life to the best of my ability and to let go of the silly mistakes I made. I want to commemorate the last few days of my twenties and that's why I set a few easy and fun goals for myself with one for each day... hence the 30 days to 30 title. It kicked off yesterday as I'm not counting my actual birthday, rather the days before it - so days on which I'm still 29. I wanted to share a few of the points with you and to invite you to join in the the fun with me via my personal Instagram account

Most of these are frivolous, fun and involve no budget. I know some might find it silly - frankly I don't care. It's a positive time for me to enjoy a few simple things. Anyway, here are a few of the things on the list. I still need a couple (five) more so please leave a comment if you have any fun suggestions! 

Take a long walk: I love walking - so this is the perfect reason to explore and see something beautiful.

See something in my city – I have not seen before: Durban has so many wonderful things to see - some I haven't made an effort to visit.

Learn something new: Not sure what yet!

Dye my hair: I haven't dyed my hair in more than seven years. My thought process was to enjoy my natural colour as there would be plenty of 'dye days' once the grey arrives. Well... they are here!

Make a video: I thought I could make a vlog style video capturing a few of the list items.

Take a selfie & upload it: I really don't like selfies - most that I see I can't stand. Time to snap one myself. Yikes!

Take part in Nelson Mandela Day: This is one that should be done anyway, but I thought it was perfect to include.

Make a list for the next decade: What do I want to achieve? I started this list yesterday, but it seems it will be a work in progress. 

Paint my nails blue: I don't like blue nail polish - not at all. The last time I wore it was in Standard Four - it was electric blue and very cool. Time to do it again!

Learn a few French words I don’t already know: I love everything French inspired - it's high time I expand my vocab.

Go on a dad date: I see my parents fairly often, but I spend more time alone with my mom. I want to take my dad out and spend one on one time with him.

Give thanks to the post office employees: The Musgrave post office employees are very good at what they do! I'm grateful for every package I receive and for each one that they send off for me. I want to spoil them with something.

Bake something: I love baking, but never do it. 

Print some real photographs: Simple, but easy and I love having snaps all over to remember special moments.

Make poached eggs: Always wanted to - never have. 

Write a letter to my 40 year old self: Who will she be?

Raise a toast to my twenties & drink champagne: Any excuse for celebrating!

(I created the heart for my birthday invite and found the flowers via Pinterest, but they look to me like Rifle Paper Co designs - so just in case thought I would  mention that.)