Cookie Recipe & Label Printable Freebie

Claire - my darling and dear assistant gave me this beautiful jar as a gift. She has kindly, created the printable so you too can create a lovely gift or treat jar complete with recipe and all things nice! The instructions are super easy and amazingly delicious. The mix also freezes well - so you can save some cookie dough for another baking day. Here are all the details...

Claire used a large Consol jar and filled it with the following: (you can also use this order for your layering):
375g Flour
1 1/4 Teaspoon baking powder
Pinch of salt
2 Small packets of caramel chips (choc chips can work too)
190g Sugar (Claire packaged the sugar in a small packet as you add it later in the recipe)

Claire very cleverly tied a cookie cutter and a small caramel essence bottle to the jar with twine. 

The super easy instructions (and other ingredients) are included in the printable and there are two pretty colours - pink (my fav) and turquoise teal version. I can't recommend this recipe enough - it's delicious, easy, quick and moreish (you know me and my sweet tooth)! It's a lovely DIY which is affordable and suitable for all skill levels.

Happy making and baking!


  1. That looks so cute (and sounds delish too!) x

  2. They are really, really yummy! Thanks for stopping by hun! x

  3. Claudz7/24/2014

    Such a lovely gift idea!

  4. Hello dear! Thanks so much for the comment! I was so happy to receive this as a gift - so I know it works perfectly :-) x

  5. Tana Goosen7/29/2014

    Looks yummy! I'm definitely going to download. Please also thank Claire for sharing such a great idea!


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