Currently Reading - Mollie Makes Blogging

I'm currently reading and enjoying the special blogging edition of Mollie Makes magazine (thanks for the heads up Nicola). The printed copies are long sold out and they were very limited, but I bought one via Newsstand on my iPad. It was R169.99 (9.99 in pounds) via iTunes. Mollie Makes haven't made purchasing easy - I searched and looked and finally found it. They also don't seem to respond to readers on social media. I love the brand, but communication is everything. Anyway, forgetting all that - this informative issue takes on the layout of a magazine, but it's much like a book which you can keep and refer to for inspiration or guidance. It features many successful bloggers including the talented duo from A Beautiful Mess and Bri from DesignLoveFest (love her). The pages are beautiful, colourful and well thought-out. It's a must for creative business owners looking to upgrade their blogs and knowledge. Happy reading!