Celebrate with Me - Giveaway/CLOSED

This week it's party time in my life as I celebrate my 30th birthday. The big day was on Tuesday and I had a truly, lovely time with plenty of champers and cake! I'm doing some more celebrating this weekend and having a small get together with my best friends. 

I wanted to share a giveaway with you from a creative business I admire - Ladybird Likes. Zoe Bateman the creator behind the brand seems to have her ducks in a row. Her business is successful and her products are an interesting and quirky collection of accessories which add a smile to any day.

I most certainly suggest that you take a look at Ladybird Likes online as each of Zoe's platforms are a delight to follow, read, enjoy and of course find inspiration for running a creative business. 

I wanted to make the giveaway entering really easy - so I have opened it up internationally. The prize is a Ladybird Likes Diana Mini Camera necklace - isn't it just so cute? It's valued at $20 and hand crafted with great love and care.

To Enter: Giveaway Closed
  • Leave a comment telling me about your favourite celebration.
  • Of course  - share it online too if the mood strikes you (not a prerequisite). The more the merrier.
  • The giveaway will close on Sunday 10th August.

I look forward to reading your comments. Hooray!

The winner is Ruth Massey! Congratulations! Thanks so much for your awesome entries!
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  1. Claireabellemakes8/07/2014

    Hi Nadia, so pleased you have teamed up with Ladybird Likes, her makes are just fab!

    Happy Belated Birthday! My favourite celebration was actually my 30th too. I ate cakes and went to a spa, it was pure bliss!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway x

  2. Ruth Massey8/07/2014

    Hi Nadia, I love this collection: so unique. My favorite celebration was actually my 30th. I was in New York and a friend of mine arranged a small party at a local bar. Lots of fun! Ruth

  3. Hi Nadia. This is such exciting news!! Ladybird Likes is such a creative business/blog, just like yours!
    Happy belated birthday to you. I hope you had a fabulous day.
    My favourite birthday memory was 6 years ago when I turned 21. My sister was living in London at the time and surprised me with a ticket to London and Ireland. The part of my trip was seeing my two ultimate artist, Timberland and Justin Timberlake. I never screamed so much in my entire life.
    Experiencing another culture was so much fun, and I got to do it with my sister. It really opended my eyes to the world but of course, Cape Town is still the most beautiful city :)

  4. #best part of my trip

  5. Wow, that is a gorgeous necklace! My favorite celebration was my neighbor's wedding. We got to dance all night to Romanian music and the food was spectacular.
    Thanks for the giveaway! Happy belated birthday!

  6. Too gorgeous for words!! LOVE LOVE LOVE Ladybird likes!!! Favourite celebration - Well a part from our fairytale wedding, I got to celebrate my birthday while on Honeymoon in Bali. The day was filled with a real "eat, Pray, Love" feel - in the little town of Ubud, we woke in a jungle in our little paradise, went white-river rafting, had massages and it ended with dinner overlooking the rice paddies. He nailed it :)

    Giveways are such fun! Thank you for allowing us to celebrate with you :) And Happy Happy again xx

  7. Tahseen8/08/2014

    I love celebrating Eid after ramadan

  8. Tahseen8/08/2014

    Theres so many people and everyone enjoys good food its amazing

  9. Happy belated birthday, Nadia :) This necklace is super cute! I would say my favourite celebration is Christmas each year. I just love the festive spirit, the food and that holiday feeling one gets with Christmas time.

  10. Shirley Janse van Vuuren8/08/2014

    Happy Birthday for Tuesday! I just love celebrating Birthdays! My own as well as friends and families Birthdays as they are the best excuse to get together and have some fun together. In this day in age where everyone is always rushing here and there we always seem to make an exception to celebrate some one special to us's special day! I wish Birthdays happened more than once a year, I think we should have half Birthdays as 365 days is a LONG time to wait to have the perfect excuse to eat cake and indulge in some little luxuries!

  11. Megs H8/08/2014

    OOH LA LA….Such a FABULOUS GIVEAWAY! The ladybird necklace is divine...great choice!!! I would say my favourite celebration is Christmas eve. I’m always home from work by then, I usually spend all day baking cookies and making food for Christmas, and wrapping gifts. Everything is decorated and all the gifts are under the tree.

    I think I like this better than actual Christmas day because it is just my immediate family and we’re all just happy and hanging out. There is no stress, no travel, no pressure. Also– you have the anticipation of Christmas tomorrow.

  12. I hope you're enjoying your birthday week :) My favourite celebration was my birthday party this year. I had a lot of new friends there and I finally managed to make the menu simple enough to not be cooking when people arrived. And the cake was really good.

  13. Samantha Doe8/08/2014

    It was so lovely to spend your Birthday morning with you. Happy 30 years to you, and here's to the next 30 and the 30 after that! My fave celebration was my 21st. I was living in the UK at the time and spent the day lazing in Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh with me, myself and I...it is my fave city away from home and so it was fitting for a rather big day in my life!

  14. Lindi Kelly8/08/2014

    Happy birthday Nadia! Turning 30 was the most exciting year of my life! I met my future husband and after a bit of a whorl wind relationship of flying between Durban and East London we got married. This led to my favourite celebration, my wedding. Happy days! Thank you for a fantastic giveaway.

  15. Beee®8/08/2014

    My most FAVOURITE celebration by a million points is my birthday. I am busy planning my 40th (just a few more sleeps) and just cannot wait for the cake/laughs/fun to begin!!

  16. Tina Wither8/08/2014

    Hi Nadia, congratulations on your 30th birthday. My favourite birthday was quite unique as the date of my birthday was 19/9/1991. It was a palindromic birthday and not many birth dates will actually read backwards and forwards in your life time. I had a dress-up party. Everyone came dressed back to front or as an opposite to their partner. One of my gifts was a book of palindromes called 'lid off a daffodil'. I still have the book today. When I see the photos I have to laugh at how creative my friends were with their palindromic party clothes.

  17. Chané Badenhorst8/08/2014

    Hey Happy 30th! I love Ladybird Likes, I saw one of her butterfly necklaces on pinterest a few years back and just fell in love with her work. Surprisingly enough….my fav celebration was also my 30th which I spent with family and friends in Pta last year October. We flew up from the Cape to be there as my gran and I share the same birth day and my best friend from high school had her baby that same day! It was amazing!

  18. Lilli McGinn8/09/2014

    I hope you had a wonderful Birthday and thank you for this give away.
    My favourite celebration is Christmas.

  19. Tana Goosen8/09/2014

    Trust you had a beautiful day on Tuesday sharing precious moments with nearest and dearest. My favourite celebration is Christmas having my children with me and making memories!

  20. Jae Melodie Bradford8/10/2014

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I have loved ALL my birthdays but when I turned 45yo!! I don't know why but that was tough for me mentally!! Plus, I had just finished undergoing radical surgery & chemo for uterine cancer!! My Hubby made it a wonderful celebration of life!!!! He flew Mom down to FL where we were living at the time & treated us to a spa day then arranged a speciaql candlelight dinner for 2 at my fav restaurant, THEN he arranged a special surprize celebration at my work!!!! It was awesome!!!! Then one week later I got a clean bill of health from the doctors!!!! And here I am at 66yo, still celebrating birthdays!!!! I lost my Hubby not long ago but I still have all the wonderful memories!!!!

    I love adybird Likes!!!! Her things are so cute & quirky!!!! THANKS for arranging this giveaway!!!! Hugzz ~ Jae

  21. Jae Melodie Bradford8/10/2014

    SORRY!!!! It should be Ladybird Likes!!!! My fingers missed the L!! LOL!!

  22. This is so cute I love it! My fave is definitely Christmas - not just the actual day but the whole "season". It is the one time a year when my whole family comes together from around the world (we are split up in 7 different places worldwide) and we can spend our days together at the beach, by the pool, enjoying al fresco meals in the glorious weather, and really reconnecting.

  23. Ellen Jonker8/11/2014

    I love the little camera on chain, what a lovely collection from Ladybird Likes. One of my favourite birthday memories will defintely be your 30th birthday celebration...and our joint birthday celebrations lasting from Tuesday the 5th, Friday the 8th for moi and the sparkling birthday celebration on the 9th. We celebrated the joy and beauty of love filled family birthdays and Women's Day all in one go...what a week! Cheers!

  24. Hello Ruth! You are the giveaway winner. Please get in touch with me so I can get your postal address. Thanks.


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