Spring DIY Project List

Spring is the perfect time to get creative, make project lists (and actually do them), it's also a time to get organised before year-end madness arrives. I'm really fortunate that Daniel helps me with my DIY ideas, both with inspiration and useful insight. He is a keen Gumtree shopper and at first I was hesitant and I wondered how the cool and lovely items I spot on Pinterest could possibly live on Gumtree! I have, however been proven wrong time and time again. I must admit my interest was piqued and I started exploring for myself... finally! Thank goodness I did. I've had three creative projects in mind... a camera lamp, crafty locker storage and I've also had my eye on an old or vintage bicycle. I found this lovely inspiration as well as the creative 'ingredients' to get going on my spring DIY projects. Do you shop for second hand items or via Gumtree? Have you found any treasures while out shopping?

Project One... Re-purpose a Locker
Perfect for storage and a lovely conversation piece.
My Inspiration One, Two & Three

My Gumtree choices for lockers to use: One & Two
My 'how to' DIY inspiration via My Passion for Decor.

Project Two... Make a Camera Lamp
This will look so lovely in either my office or our lounge. A few years ago we upcycled an old photography spotlight for our home - this will compliment it nicely.

My Inspiration One & Two

My Gumtree Choice for Cameras to use: OneTwo & Three
My 'how to' DIY inspiration via Instructables - I aim to do the wiring via the lens (or shall I say Daniel will be doing the wiring - I'll project manage... he he).

Project Three... Restore a Bicycle
Daniel's just finished restoring and creating a vintage style cafe racer motorbike. Helping with an easier project should be so much simpler. I would love a bike of my own, but it needs to be pretty!

My Inspiration OneTwo & Three

My Gumtree Choice for Bikes to use: One & Two
My 'how to' DIY inspiration via Sweet by Chan.

Now... to get started! Are your working on any home DIY projects? I would love to hear more!
*Also be sure to take a look at Nicola's post on Ask Ashe where she showed some of her DIY project ideas.