Seven Things via Instagram

Wow! I haven't done a Seven Things post in like seven months! Ridiculous... it suddenly dawned on me the other day... so here I am sharing seven things of late. I did share a few of these snippets on Instagram and I also saved some for this post. I now have two accounts - one for business, stationery and creative updates. The second account is for more personal out and about photos. Follow along here... nadiavdmescht and hellonadiavdm.

1 > Movember: I've been waiting all year to bust these out. Finally, I can wear them and be part of the coolest man month. I got these little earrings as a gift and love wearing them for a touch of quirk.

2 > Stationery Packs: My creative escape time is spent getting crafty. I made this one for a pen pal. Now, if only the strike backlog would ease up so I can actually post it. I would be heartbroken if it got lost on its merry travels.

3 > Christmas Time: There is no more denying it... the festive season is upon us. I recently wrote my first card and used a very pretty tag from La Cartoleria.

4 > Night Out: About two weeks ago it was a close friend's thirtieth birthday celebrations. We had a fun day and night, which ended with dancing and sore feet. As I was unpacking my bag the next day these remnants stood out. My darling friend also gave me the sweetest gift topped with a Nifty250 strip - how kind considering it was her birthday.

5 > Smashing Colours: On Tuesday night I headed out with Sabrina from Fashion Nanny for a Smashbox event. We were spoilt and tried loads of beautiful products. We also caught up with a few other Durban creatives.

6 > Housewarming: Taryn from Smith's Bakeshop always outdoes herself. This delicious and beautiful creation was part of some recent housewarming celebrations for two lovely friends.

7 > Boiler Room Cafe: Finally, I am cool too. It was exciting to visit this awesome Durban space with a few of my fav creative friends. Worth a visit for sure - especially to see the art by Resoborg.