Tried & Tested: MFM Series #3 Products
 *Quick Note: Yes, I know it is Wednesday and not Monday (insert unhappy face here). Last week and this week have just been beyond manic work wise. Yesterday, I had a stressful and rather big presentation and I had high hopes on Monday for posting MFM, but I had to focus on what lay ahead. I'm really trying to get round to more blogging - doesn't seem like it is working. Anyway... here is MFM on Wednesday! 

I'm having such fun testing out lovely stationery to share with you. Each and every brand that is part of the MFM  planning and organising series are awesome (obviously). I'm not bias or anything, but it is so great to have local creatives making wonderful things so we can get even more organised. There are some particularly delightful options available for SA stationery lovers or as gifts in preparation for the festive season ahead. I mentioned on Facebook last week, that I will share a review every second week so that I can make sure I actually get a gap to use the products for a week. is a personal favourite - who is always creating and making beautiful stationery / useful crafty goodies. It's pretty difficult not to be tempted right! I have been fortunate enough to meet Mariaan several times and I've experienced her incredible stand at Kamers . She is a kind, happy soul who is always ready to help and of course a brilliant local business woman too. 

I tested out the Magnetic Checklist Notepad, Magnetic Groceries Notepad, Magnetic Things to Do Notepad and the Sunshine Tote Bag. I also got a sneak peek of a few other items that will be launched online - one of them being the colourful and useful heart stickers you might spot in the photos.

Overall Review:
Awesome, lovely, affordable products! It's that simple. I particularly liked the Things to Do and the Groceries notepads. Both have lived on my desk for the past week and have been well used to capture many a scribble and fleeting thought. I usually make shopping lists on my phone, but much prefer a papery option to take along on my aisle travels. The perfectly sized pages (90 mm x 200mm) are a perfect accompaniment to my planner, as I could slide in the to do pages and deal with extra tasks as needed. The bag was ideal as a holdall for meetings to carry my planner and iPad (and all the other paraphernalia I seem to require in order to function). I also loved using the tote to hold my packages to post on errand days . It would be ideal to use as a gift bag too - filled with beautiful presents.

Best Feature:
The prices! Useful, pretty stationery at low prices means you can get double as much (I'm not enabling you - I'm just saying btw). 

Useful For:
All your organising needs. I find the paper products, like the notebooks great to use for snail mail gifts. They are flat and lightweight, plus South African - so they are just lovely to share with faraway friends. 

Groceries Notepad (Magnetic) - R32 (50 pages)
Checklist Notepad (Magnetic) - R32 (50 pages)

Where to Buy:
You can shop online on the shop or lookout for these lovely products at the next Kamers event (take plenty of money to spend - it's irresistible). is giving away a R500 goodie pack of products to one lucky (damn lucky if you ask me) blog reader! How awesome is that.
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