Snail Mail Ideas: Wrapping Inspiration

In between my real work I always try and fit in some snail mail wrapping and crafting. It makes me so happy and I love seeing a package come together. There is a sense of achievement in finishing it, coupled with the joy of giving. What could be better... than a bit of DIY fun! With all the Christmas inspiration flying around the internet - I thought I would rather share some snail mail inspiration which is relevant all year round.

I like to layer lots of random goodies like stickers, tags, fabric and buttons when I wrap small gifts. It creates a colourful combo of textures which is sure to make my pen pal smile.
I love using buttons to finish off a parcel. This minty polka-dot one and bird button are unique finds, but also really cheap. Paired with some washi tape and twine they add a unique touch.
Plain paper bags are useful as you can decorate them as you see fit. Sometimes I leave them plain and add a small detail or I add lots of strips of washi tape to brighten things up.
Like most crafty people I have a huge stash of supplies so I don't actually have to head out and buy more items to get creative with (often I can't resist though). I like to keep my items neat and tidy so I can really have a good look and use the things I have. It also encourages me to make hand crafted gifts rather than buy snail mail pressies. I had these stickers made to match my branding, but there are loads of stamps out there or ready to buy stickers which you can add to your handmade creations.
I like to decorate the padded envelopes which I send snail mail in, but I find if I do it too intricately it gets damaged. Small additions like washi tape on the outside makes it pretty and also tells your pen pal that there is something exciting inside (rather than the boring old mail most people receive).
I like to wrap individual items so that my pen pal has several small packages to unwrap. I use wrapping paper, paper bags and also pretty pages from magazines. I often buy packs of items like pens or notebooks and then split them up so that I can give them to different people.

It's also fun to just send papery items now and again - which is a great deal cheaper to post. I like to fill a bag or envelope with a nice note, some stickers, cards and other flat crafty items.

Making gifts can be super simple. I made this small brooch using a mix of buttons, thread, a piece of felt and a brooch back. It didn't take long at all, but it's a piece of hand made love for a special faraway friend. I found a simple black box and packaged it up. 

Snail mail is such fun and I hope this inspires you to get creative.