Perfect Timing with JORD

I have a deep love affair with wood... I grew up around with a grandfather who was a master at furniture restoration. My dad having learnt the trade has also passed it on to Daniel, my husband and now we all contribute to the family business which specialises in furniture design. With wood being so intergrated into my life - it was no surprise that JORD Wood Watches caught my eye - especially as I am able to wear a timepiece that echos my heritage and style. Pale Maple paired with rose gold equals absolute perfection.

JORD Wood Watches sent me this incredibly beautiful watch which I have been wearing and loving. What was particularly useful was the fact that they sent me an easy way to measure my wrist and then sized my watch for me. I have particularly thin wrists and when I buy a new watch I always have to have links removed prior to wearing it. In this case I could slip it on and wear it immediately - which made for a welcome change. The spare links were included in the box so I can size up if need be.
Watches, timepieces or chronographs are more popular than ever. Time... the oldest commodity of all is still so key despite all the modern elements introduced into our world. How we make use of it is still central to how we live and how fulfilled we are. When I am running errands or keeping time within my one on one consulting sessions it makes me happy to glance down and look at something lovely. It adds to my journey as an entrepreneur and allows me to set myself apart, use my time wisely and to feel inspired with every second that passes.

As you know all to well by now my love for details and packaging is at the core of my thinking and JORD really ensures that each element is taken care of. Pair that with great branding and you have the ultimate in smart, useful packaging that is almost ornamental in its beauty. The watch was sent in a wooden box will a sliding lid and a plump cushion for the watch to sit upon which now happily lives on my dressing table. It kept it safe while it took its long snail mail journey to South Africa. 

It's so lovely when a functional item can also be a conversation piece and  people always look twice. That has been one of my favourite parts of wearing my new watch... being able to share the story with others and of course that rose gold face keeps me pretty happy too!

*Posted in collaboration with JORD. All views are my own and this is a product that I truly use in my personal capacity.

Voucher Special: The Gift of Creative Business Success

January is just around the corner and it always fills me with joy when I can open my new diary, begin goal setting and preparing for a happy and successful year ahead. To celebrate an awesome year and to spoil you - I am offering the perfect gift for receiving via snail mail (well, speedy snail mail). Creative business and pretty parcels - my two passions are paired together in this year's voucher special. Details below - there are only ten available so get in touch asap.

What is the voucher for?
It is for a one on one consulting session for up to two hours of business guidance. I run the sessions via Skype or FaceTime for those not based in Durban so everyone can make use of the service. It is one of the most popular aspects of my business where creatives get to tackle concerns or ideas directly related to their needs. The session is ideal for those just starting out or thinking of taking the creative business leap. It is however, suitable for creative businesses at any level. I cover what you would like me to. Sometimes it's a pep talk, or a strategy... it's up to you and if you don't know where to begin then don't worry, I can help with that too.

There are only ten of these special packages available so don't delay. They sold out last year in record time.

How to buy your voucher / gift:
It's really easy to buy the voucher - just email me so I can get the correct details - please include:
  • Your full name.
  • Name of person you are gifting it to.
  • Postal address for where you want it to be sent to.
  • Name of closest post office to address (if you know).
  • Contact number of person voucher is being sent to. 
I will then invoice you and once your payment is received - your order is confirmed.

Vouchers will be posted off at the end of this week and will arrive at the closest post office to the address by Tuesday 22nd December. I can either send it to you or to your friend - please specify. If you are based in Durban you can collect it or receive your items at your session.

For R400 you will receive:
A two hour session voucher (valid for six months).
A notebook to capture your ideas and to start planning for success.
Free overnight postage via Speed Services to your closest post office. Will arrive by Tuesday 22nd December.
Each package is wrapped in my signature style and includes a free 'Season's Greetings' postcard.

The total value is R550 including all the little added extras and the overnight postage, but I'm offering it for R400 up until Thursday 17th December. The voucher is valid for up to six months so the recipient can book a session to suit their schedule.

To buy your voucher - just email me (click here).

Here are a few kind words from Colleen van Heese - Lieflingkind Stationery & Design. Colleen received a voucher last year as a Christmas gift from her kind and sweet husband.

An Oh Happy Day Celebration

Working with creatives and seeing their dreams become a reality is surely one of the most rewarding aspects of my work. I started consulting with Joelene late last year as she launched her business Oh Happy Day. What struck me most was Joelene's incredible personality - after our first consult - I already felt like friends. This year she has worked on some amazing weddings and styled some exceptional shoots - including ones featured on Lovilee and The Pretty Blog (amongst others). Not bad for the first year of business. At the same time Joelene was juggling a busy and intense day job, but her determination never let up and today she steps into a bold new world! It the relaunch of Oh Happy Day and officially Joelene's first day of freedom from the corporate world! Exciting indeed.

Working with Joelene this year has been an absolute honour. We have both worked very hard to make the rebrand and launch of her site as perfect as possible, with the aim of reflecting all Joelene stands for. With the assistance of several highly talented, local creatives - the new look is here! Hooray! I very happily and proudly welcome you to - Oh Happy Day... take a look.

Joelene is hosting an exclusive giveaway for engaged couples to celebrate which will launch on her blog later today. In the meantime here is a sneak preview of the media packs we worked on with Peg & Pencil.

The site was setup by Nicola Tweed and the new look branding was lovingly penned by Fathima of Happiness Is. I worked with Joelene on the process and guided her through creating the best brand and business possible and I loved the challenge!

Christmas Country Fair - Demo

After yesterday's sad post I am back with a HAPPY and cheerful post today. Just in time to really get excited for the week that lies ahead. I am honoured to be hosting a demo at this year's Christmas Country Fair at Collisheen Estate next week Thursday 29 October. This annual event is lovingly organised by the Christmas Fair Fund - a group of volunteers who put the entire fair together. It's an NPO so the ladies work their hearts out to make the event a wonderful success and a merry blessing to those less fortunate!

I will be sharing my insight and tips on wrapping and packaging, along with how to create a gifting experience. Giving gifts is one of my absolute passions and wrapping them is possibly one of my absolute favourite things. The demos are being hosted by a range of talented ladies including Patricia Lewis and Joani Mitchell.

Tickets are very limited for the demo and are purchased prior to the event. 
To buy your ticket at R350 contact Michelle Blake via email (click here) or on 083 284 9059 / visit their Faceboook.

Your ticket includes entrance to the fair (lots of beautiful things for sale), the demos, a shopping bag, bottle of water, glass of bubbly and a light snack. The morning kicks off around 8:30am on Thursday 29 October at Collisheen Estate.

I was interviewed this morning on Life & Style fm and will check and see if I can share the link with here - should they have a recording. You can also see the feature here.

(Photo taken by Derryn Schmidt for Ideas Magazine.)

A Tough, Painful & Testing Week

An email and social media free week is almost unheard off in our life and times, especially with how busy we all find ourselves. Well, you might or might not have noticed, but I took a break from social media and email because I ended up in hospital unexpectedly. The choice happened by default because I had to put my health first. When it came to cancelling, postponing and rescheduling it amazed me how understanding people were. I was so grateful for that. I can be quite tough on myself, so I assumed that most clients would be annoyed, but quite the opposite happened (a relief of course). I don't want to delve into the reasons for ending up there - it involved excessive pain, an insane amount of tests, prayers, tears, anxiety, patience, hospital food (I like the jelly) and love.

I think it also opened my eyes to how many of us can be fine one minute and desperately unwell the next. I also think that it's time to take things a bit slower. We are all so busy and yes, that's a good thing, but when is enough enough? I'm not here to pretend that a health scare has changed my point of view, I have felt this way for a long time and this past week's experience has just solidified it (read my 'less is more' post). Let's be more gentle, let's prioritise and let's take it slower.

I'm back to email, social media and work, but I am taking it slowly and that's just the way it has to be. Thank you for those who have messaged, shown care and of course to my family and Daniel who were my absolute rays of joy through it all. Hooray! I'm back home, sleeping in my own bed and that feels pretty damn good. I met people along the way who made it all so much more bearable and for that I am infinitely grateful.

I know that I am fortunate to have access to great health care and little luxuries for which I am glad of. Nonetheless things can be tough and small comforts are very welcome. I'm totally aware that these are absolute luxuries and not essential to getting better, but they did add a little sparkle to my day and extra hope to my heart.
PJ Pants from Love Long Length: These kept me comfortable and made me feel less like I was wearing PJ's day in and out.

First 5 App: Hospitals are sad, dull places and a faith boost is always needed. I really gleaned great solace from this useful and beautifully designed app.

Himalayan Pink Salt & Vanilla Popcorn from Woolies: I'm hooked.

EOS Lipbalm: Such a fun conversation starter with the nurses. They all wanted to know what was inside the 'pink egg'.

Joyful Designs Coloring Book & Docrafts Brush Markers: The keepers of my sanity while I waited for yet another test result, doctor or answer. Both of these are from CNA.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins: Fantastic book so far!

A Papery Parcel

Papery and pretty... a rather lovely combo if you ask me. Yvette Mommsen has consulted with me a few times with regards to her online shop - ArtEsense, which stocks a mix of local decor, gifts and accessories. Earlier this year she spent some time preparing a few media / influencer packs to share the story of her brand and business. I was lucky enough to receive one - Yvette created a variety of paper items with her striking branding to share the message of what she does and sells. Included in the papery parcel was a notebook (hooray), a bookmark, voucher, postcard and the sweetest envelope with her business card inside. The package was informative, but also mindful of her budget. Thanks for including me Yvette!

There are several items in the shop that are perfect gifts - especially with the festive season fast approaching. My favourite is the three charm necklace. If you are after a local gift then support ArtEsense - click here to visit the site or follow along on Facebook.

Longing for London

London has this way of burrowing into your heart and setting deep roots into your soul that forever stay intertwined into your being. Perhaps my thought sounds dramatic, but I can truly say that this is the way I feel about the city, a place that now seems to be built into my every fibre and DNA. I might be a deep thinker or even overly sentimental, but I know I'm not alone in my true love affair with a place that is so powerful in its being. It's something that is difficult to explain, something that has to be experienced, understood... lived. 

The tourist attractions are varied and wonderful, but the true heartbeat of the city lives in the moments and places experienced when you least expect it. It's in an encounter with a stranger, a warm Starbucks on a cold morning, the sound of your favourite song playing on your earphones as you walk the streets. It's in seeing the view from Waterloo Bridge, or darting into a side street only to discover a beautiful boutique or secret garden. My suggestion is to explore, walk and walk, then walk some more. Immerse yourself in London's life, glance up at Big Ben, feel the history that surrounds you, find your new favourite coffee shop and opt for a little something different. 

I was honoured to write a few quotes about London for Webjet's blog - it was easy, my thoughts and love poured out onto a page. Take a look at the post and share in my adoration. In addition here are a few of my favourite London photos taken while I lived there or on holiday. Each of these photos capture a different aspect of London extraordinaire.

My beloved Goldershill Park

Hampstead Heath

Brick Lane

Creative Business Workshop: August 2015

Last week I hosted one of my Creative Business Workshops to a room full of eager, creative entrepreneurs. The setup and planning is always one of my favourite aspects, which includes selecting brands to work with and choosing giveaway prizes. There is nothing better than spoiling the attendees with a few useful tools to help them along their entrepreneurial journey.

I snapped a few quick photos on the day to share the behind the scenes with you, along with a few of the special details. This time round I worked with, Bouwer Flowers and Smith's Bakeshop - mainly.

One of the giveaways included a MollieMakes magazine, a creative business consulting session and a copy of Your Business. Look out for my opinion and quotes in the latest August/September issue.

If you would like to see more photos then search for the hash tag #nvdmlearns on Instagram - several of the lovely ladies shared their experience.

I'll announce the next date asap or feel free to email me in the meantime.

Jet, Hand Luggage Only & McDonalds

At the end of August I headed to Joburg with Jet - who invited me to their summer preview & media event. I often have to decline blogging related trips as my consulting work and clients have to come first and I am often booked in advance. However, in this case I decided to join in on the fun and accepted the lovely invite. The trip was a really fast one - less than 24 hours to be exact. I left Durban around 2pm after a quick airport lunch and magazine browsing session and arrived in Joburg, together with a few cool Durban people - including Brett Robson and Bongani Mtolo. We were taken to our guesthouse (after being in traffic for ages - obviously) and dashed to get ready. I did take a few moments to admire my beautiful room and must say I was very excited to see the L'Occitane toiletries in the bathroom (hooray). After grabbing a pair of high heels, throwing out most of my luggage on the bed (in the rush) and donning some bright lippy... it was time to head to Cresta where the event was hosted. 
The evening was such fun - the Durban creatives stuck together and we got to know each other a bit better, which was lovely as I haven't really chatted to either Brett or Bongani before. I also bumped into a few 'internet friends' like Amy Scheepers and the glowing Mrs Rogero who I met at long last. There were cocktails, snacks and sparkling wine paired with a fashion show. The highlight of the night was winning the grand prize of two domestic flights from Mango. Wow! We also browsed the new summer items and got to do some shopping. On our way back to the guesthouse we did make an emergency McDonalds stop and I'm happy to report that fashionistas do eat (after all). Before we knew it - we had to get up at the crack of dawn (the stars were still out*) and head back to the airport. The early start was totally worth it though. A change of scenery albeit brief can be quite inspiring.

I managed to take only hand luggage - I know that would seem like the obvious choice, but I am a notorious 'over-packer' and was quite proud that I managed to put it all in one, small carry on. The zips were strained and the wheels groaned a little, but off I went - with a few essentials and favourites in tow. I found this pretty Eiffel Tower mirror for a steal at Forever21 and it's great for travel and touching up  make-up on the go. The Chanel lippy is a must to add a touch of colour after a long day. I traded my bigger Country Road purse in for a small compact zippy pouch from Zana... saved heaps of space and so much lighter too.

It was really nice to get to know Brett a bit better and we had a good old chat about blogging in South Africa. Her 'Obviously' tee will be in Jet stores soon. Shashi Naidoo was one of the models at the fashion show, which was hosted by the super cool and talented Kathlego Maboe. I bought a beautiful black and white fitted jacket which is the perfect wardrobe staple. It was only R169.99 and it's called 'Boss Girl' (it's fashion fate). The view on the way to the airport was a site to behold - truly incredible Joburg (you showoff). I also shared the trip highlights via Snapchat (nadiavdmescht) which was quite fun, but such a battery drainer!

A huge thanks to the lovely Jet team for the awesome invite and incredible hospitality. I had an amazing time.

Cape Town - August Trip

Daniel and I headed to Cape Town earlier in August for a bit of fun paired with work. Despite the freezing weather (brrrrrrrr) we had a great time. I was also lucky enough to celebrate my birthday while there and had an awesome day with family and my best friend. On the day we headed to Treat Cafe - a personal favourite (who stock The Velvet Cake Co) and I was so tempted by their cake tasting menu. In the end we settled for lemon meringue which turned out to be incredibly delicious (as expected). In the evening we opted for Tashas in Canal Walk and once again we enjoyed an amazing meal. I was so spoilt by my in-laws and Cape Town friends. It was different to have a birthday away from home, but I feel like I got to celebrate for longer. The exciting part was my gift from Daniel and my friend Claire - which was  Filofax Saffiano all the way from London / I'll be sure to post about it. I also got some lovely Typo stationery, flowers and a treat or two from Rifle Paper Co. In my element!

In between the cake eating I did manage some work and loved meeting several Cape Town creatives for consults. It's really inspiring to be able to work in another city and assist far and wide. I hosted the sessions at Brooker and Waller and just look at that scrumptious scone I snacked on.

In Good Company was a must-visit and I always look forward to popping in to spot what's new. I adore all the and Kate Spade items (Washi book shown above is from there)! Eeeek - I'm in love! It was with great excitement that I visited the Watershed - the space has such an international feel to it - while still being focused on our wonderful local talent. Over and above that there was so much else that we managed to do, which included a trip to The Village Idiot, A private wine tasting and a visit to my favourite shop - Cape Arts and Crafts (Canal Walk). In terms of a holiday - there wasn't much rest, but who can complain when it's filled with so many exciting things. I really suggest checking out all of the above places - if you haven't already. Cape Town is a treasure trove of local coolness! I shared a few other snaps via my Instagram - on my business account and personal.

Creative Business Exchange - Cape Town

I somehow haven't shared the photos from the Creative Business Exchange in Cape Town. I worked with Decorex & Caesarstone to host a creative business workshop. The overall experience was so wonderful and it was an honour to be able to share my knowledge and to parnter with two awesome brands. Visiting Cape Town, staying in a lovely hotel, chatting to creatives... what more could a girl ask for! In addition Heather Moore of Skinny laMinx and Haldene Martin spoke about their own creative business journeys. They are both successful in their own right and I relished being able to gain from their insight.
If you want to know and see more about my experience or what the workshop was focused on... then take a look and listen:
Feature on BizCommunity & One More: Thanks to the lovely Leigh Andrews.
Interview on CliffCentral: It was great to speak to the Rookie and Rockstars team.
A few pics from the Durban event.
A quick chat about the experience.

A Package to Post

*When I'm not working with creative business owners and brands - I like to take a little break and send snail mail. This global revolution has sparked off an industry that has built new businesses, websites and inspired several books (like this one). Earlier this year I wrote an article for Ideas Magazine to share and educate fellow creatives on the art of correspondence.

I'm just about ready to post off this snail mail to a friend. I haven't taken part in much swapping or mailing this year, so it was really nice to take some time out and get creative. I've seen a few ideas on Pinterest using a folder to package up pretty things for your penpal. I had a ready-made folder which I decorated and added the envelopes to. The Pukka tea is for the receiver (I don't want to mention her name so that it will be a surprise) to enjoy while opening / reading the letter I sent. I filled each envelope with an assortment of papery things like stickers, Project Life Cards and a few other flat stationery items. I used mostly MT washi tape bought from Washi Bug. It works so well, sticks consistently and the colours are beautiful. 

I added the gold Chinese style knot button which allows the folder to close. The details are a mix of washi tape and I used lots of Amy Tangerine stickers.

I've been loving the tassel trend and they are so easy to make. I found some really cheap wool in a local haberdashery and made a few to add to gifts. The Typo paper bags / envelopes are perfect for wrapping too.

I found this vintage floral print style hanky at Pep (love a random bargain), it was only R4 and I used it to wrap up a bunch of smaller stationery items. The pattern is bright and happy - a lot like Cath Kidston (on a budget). The plain kraft circle tags are from

The lovely heart tag is from Millamae - it's the perfect base for decorating.

I hope you enjoyed seeing inside my snail mail envelope before it sails the seas and heads faraway.

Intermediate Creative Business Workshop: 29 August 2015

TO BOOK: Visit the booking site - click here. SOLD OUT
DATE: 29th August 2015
VENUE: The Benjamin Hotel, Florida Road, Durban
FULL DAY COURSE: 9am - 4:30pm
COST: R1000
If you have questions - feel free to email me / click here.
Space is very limited so don't delay.

The workshops are aimed at creative business owners in a variety of fields from photography and design to crafters or even bloggers. If you have your own business (or want to start your own) and want to learn and prosper, then the workshops are ideal for you. The Intermediate Workshops are for those who are in the industry and on the right track, but would perhaps like step it up a notch.

The workshops started in Durban with sold out dates and an amazing array of creatives joining in and 2013 I added Joburg into the mix as well as Cape Town in 2014. All past attendees have given wonderful reviews. Creatives who attend can look forward to a day of learning with practical examples and case studies of successful businesses. The day is the ideal platform for networking within a creative environment. All the courses include a delicious lunch, snacks, a really lovely goodie bag and a host of giveaways from wonderful brands.

TO BOOK: Visit the booking site - click here.

How do I know I'm intermediate? 
You already have an understanding of social media and own a business / blog or are thinking of starting one. You enjoy being online and want to grow your business / blog even further.

The Facts:
This workshop is aimed at creatives who are ready to expand, grow their business and blog readership. You would like to get an even better understanding of the various tools available to you.

What does your hard earned money get you?

Creative Goal Setting:  How to breakdown and achieve your personal and business goals.

Creative Branding:  Tying your brand and business together as one. We cover the essentials of what creates a good brand.

Online Presence / Social Media Tips:  We will focus on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and how these can work towards generating customers. clients or blog readers and in turn more sales and opportunities.

Blogging Tips:  Planning, scheduling and basic creative tips for putting posts together.

Creative Marketing Ideas:  Fun, cost effective ways to generate interest in your business or blog.

How to Approach the Press & Connect with Influencers:  Want to have your products or blog featured in magazines? I will give you the tips you need, from what to say to how you to say it.

Question and Answer Session:  A time for you to chat to me about your problems, new ideas or even plans for your business.

In addition you will receive snacks, an amazing lunch, the chance to mingle and make new friends as well as network. A goodie bag bursting with wonderful surprises will also be waiting for you!

TO BOOK: Visit the booking site - click here.

If you have questions or want more info: 
Email me ( or call me (072 093 7730) or for bookings click here.

Less Brings More Fulfilment

We live in a world where we are consistently told that we need to be doing more. You need to work more, make more money and strive for more. We are lulled into thinking that whatever we have done, earned or bought is only a prequel to the bigger and better things that are still to come. We fall victim to being expected to live in the now, yet every message within society points towards the next big thing and how far we still have to go. Live in the now, but don't you dare forget to get back to work and earn more money so that you can start thinking about the next car / house / holiday / possession or accolade that needs achieving. We also spend a lot of time apologising for things, especially if they don't measure up to other people's level or view of success. For example "I know my house is small, but..." or "I know my car is old, but..." or "I know my business is new, but...". We are so well trained to do this and usually we aren't even prompted to begin our list of 'sorries'. Apologising and wanting to just let the world know that we are aware that things are not yet good enough, but we are working on getting it all up to an acceptable / successful level. It's terrible and hardly anyone is immune to feeling some form of inadequacy at some point in their life (if not every day). I don't like it and we need to stop living like this. This is both in our personal and professional lives and even more so in small businesses.

Most of us presume that if people leave the safety of a corporate job it's because they want the ever elusive 'MORE' or that they want to build an empire, run the world and be the boss of said empire with many, many people working for them. But... what if you don't want 'MORE'? What if your dream is to have a small business and for it to stay small? In most cases people will tell you that you are crazy, that you need to be building an empire and surely you are stupid if you aim to stay a small business.

Today I want to tell you that less is more and that it's okay to be happy with what you have achieved, despite the fact that the world will tell you otherwise (every single day). The thing is not everyone wants to have a huge business and that isn't a bad thing. It also doesn't mean that their business is not a success or that they don't care about making money, building their life or expanding what they do. It comes down to that fact that sometimes when we take on less and don't succumb to what society labels as success - then our overall happiness can in fact be worth more to us.

It's a tough balance to strike though. I love challenges, but I also spend a lot of time extending my comfort zone which isn't always a sustainable way to live or run a business. As I observe people and businesses I admire I often find myself marveling at how wonderfully balanced their lives look. It isn't that they aren't working hard or striving for more, but they are doing it at their own pace and taking time to just enjoy their current success. It has taught me to not be so hard on myself (a work in progress) and to not think that every single business related plan I make has to be GIGANTIC in it's complexity and size. I don't have to run huge workshops all the time, which is just one example. Sometimes it's as simple as 'less is more' because it brings you happiness and a different type of success.

A few reasons why less can bring more fulfilment within a small business...

More focus:
When things are contained they are easier to focus on. You can really pay attention to each element because a project or goal is a manageable size.

Connecting on a personal level:
When I organise things on a smaller scale - I might not be able to make as much money, but I get to connect with each individual on a personal level. It not only feels good, but makes sense too. At the moment I would rather impact less people, but ensure that I can thoroughly assist them.

Quality over quantity:
This year's Etsy Party is the perfect example in this case. I was able to really make sure every aspect was just right as it was smaller and far more manageable. It brought me so much more personal happiness as I felt like I was able to do a better job.

It's easier to make a start:
Huge tasks or projects can be scary, so we put them aside or procrastinate. Making it more achievable means that you can grow, but on a level that allows you to still feel that you have control.

A certain level of control is maintained:
We all love an element of control (yes you too) and when we do less, but with more of a focus our control is maintained.

I want to encourage you to do things at a pace that allows you to enjoy the present, the success already achieved and to understand that we are all different. We strive for different things and levels of success and that's totally okay. Phew... that feels good! Sometimes we need to set boundaries so that we are not drowned in seeking 'MORE' consistently and in turn our true business dreams vanish because we are so busy thinking that we need to be making all these things happen. There is plenty of time for achieving and taking time with your journey will bring you more happiness in the long run and that's more than anyone can ask for...

Etsy Craft Party 2015 - Photos

I feel as if I can honestly say that this year's Etsy Craft Party has been the best to date! It was a wonderful event and it was all thanks to the incredible people who took part, invested in the night, and sponsored goodies. The party was fueled by getting together, sharing and spreading joy through making, as opposed to a focus on competition between brands. Businesses from far and wide came together in a colourful, yet harmonious mix which meant that the attendees were spoilt! It's an honour to host this annual event and to my knowledge our Durban party is still the only one in South Africa. I don't have enough words to say THANK YOU to the incredible people who made the party possible and showcased how our creative community can collaborate.

Below are lots of photos and that's not even half of them - visit my Facebook page to see even more incredible shots by the talented Eileen of Brightgirl Photography. She out did herself - she captured the night with ease and the result is a vibrant array of shots that are an absolute delight to browse through. The second star of the night was Denise of Freshly Found who hosted the DIY. Her impeccable professionalism, paired with her lovely personal touches allowed crafters to really get creative. The theme set by Etsy was Paper Takes Shape (Kaleidoscope: Paper Taking Shape) and Denise created a craft that each attendee could personalise. The DIY was a paper terrarium or 'Curatorium' as dubbed by Denise. Terry Angelos, artist and all round creative owner of Anthology provided the beautiful venue, which was the perfect setting and backdrop for our festivities. Having the party within Windermere Centre also proved to be a wise choice as they assisted with chairs, ample parking and very helpful car guards. As a bonus Domino's Pizza treated us all to slices of fresh and delicious pizza - straight out the oven as their Windermere branch is upstairs in the centre.

If I could thank each person involved every day for the rest of time... I most certainly would. Of course I had plenty more helping hands including my dear mom Ellen, Nicola from Ask Ashe and Claire (and her mom Moira) who works with me. Without you... it wouldn't have been possible.

The brands and incredible creative businesses that were involved went above and beyond to spoil the attendees. THANK YOU so much - you made the event a true party! The giveaways and goodie bags were amazing thanks to your generosity, which left me in awe and filled my heart with gratitude. 

We want to share the goodies with you too - click here to see what was inside the bags and enter to win one.

Here are the incredible brands who took part:
Shavanee for sponsoring paper

Want to see even more - visit this Facebook album or this post which features a goodie bag giveaway!

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