Basic Creative Business Success Tips

What I've Learnt...

It's easy to get despondent when seeing the success of others as it often highlights our own shortcomings. However, when we use it to our advantage it often leads to personal success. There are few simple lessons that have stuck with me throughout my journey...

Fuel: Envy or jealously are such wasted emotions. It also leaves a nasty feeling in your heart (life is way too short for that nonsense). My personal experience has led me to rather use my emotions as fuel. Instead of comparing I suggest exploring why others are successful and use it as fuel to lead you to new heights in your own career. Admiration leads to inspiration! Jealously shuts your heart and mind down and nothing useful ever comes from that.

Hard Work: Boring old hard work - can we ever escape it? Nope! Don't let it be the enemy - when you invest time in what is important to you the benefits will far outweigh the sacrifice. Trust me!

Smart Thinking: What is working and what isn't? Do away with things that aren't bringing your business success or enriching your life. Certain things make us feel a certain way - if an emotion isn't welcome then go to the route of the cause. Often there are small things we are able to do to ensure we don't feel unhappy, disorganised, overly stressed and so on. It might take time, but evolution is part patience, part mindset.

Go for It: That's right... go on, get out there. Success is for the taking, but we often need to leave our comfort zone to take hold of it. Embrace new things and don't be afraid to ask for what you want.

Competition: Apparently competition is healthy... how many times have you heard that? The truth of the matter is that it can assist you to get moving, make changes and take a few risks. Don't let competition scare you into inactivity.

Move Forward: Sometimes things don't work out perfectly and that's okay. Take away the lesson learnt and move on to better / different things. No job, client or project are ever perfect and neither are you. Nonetheless everything holds a lesson - use it, but don't stay stuck... get moving.

Keep these in mind as you set your intention for 2015. Make it a brilliant year for business and personal growth!