My 2014 Planning Companion

In 2014 I became the overly excited and proud owner of a Planner - much like a Filofax. The reason I call it a 'Planner' is because Filofax is an acutual brand of planners (make sense?). 
I blogged about the trend in 2013 and had my eye on several beautiful versions online. However, in South Africa these stationery beauties are few and far between. I discovered mine at Typo (on sale) and have had countless emails since, asking me where I got it or if I could offer insight into where to find one. To add to the interest the most viewed posts on my blog are the Filofax / Planner related ones - each post brings in daily traffic via Pinterest. I don't mind... blog traffic is awesome, especially this kind as it means lovely creative people are reading my posts and that makes me damn happy.

This year I have not bought a new diary, but rather refilled my beloved Typo Planner. As you can see by all the photos above it was truly my 2014 companion. While I was working on the 2014 Favourite Posts recap I went through my photos and thought... yikes - I took so many photos of my humble little Planner. I love it and it really helped me through what I would consider my most organised year to date (see what I did there).

The second element to last year's journey was 'My 2014 Personal Life Changes'. On reflection I felt that they guided me and kept me anchored. They helped me to focus on what was important and when in doubt I was able to reread the post. Of course some were far more difficult than others to maintain. This year my life changes / goals continue on a very similar level or note. With a search for positivity and removing myself from unnecessarily negative situations. This includes elements of social media that I don't enjoy or no longer need. 

Goals are a huge part of what I teach my clients so I feel that they are absolutely essential to making things happen in your life and business. That paired with accountability are two of the fundamental elements for a productive and ultimately happy life. Thrown in with the life changes are of course my own business goals and personal growth that I want to attain. Currently one such goal is finishing my decor project for my new office - which is work in progress.

I'm looking forward to sharing even more of my planning, life, happy moments, goals and business knowledge with you in 2015! If you're reading this or you enjoyed this post then please leave a comment. I really love hearing from readers.

What is on your mind as the new year starts? Have you made any resolutions or goals?

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