Packaging Inspiration

Whether you package up products for your business or love sending snail mail - I thought I would share this parcel with you. It's for Danni from ohhellofriend who also happens to be one of my favourite creative people in all the world! As usual I used heaps of washi tape to create the base for my decorating. To inspire me while I wrapped I looked through Danni's Instagram and site to get a sense of what is catching her eye at the moment. It helped me to ensure that unwrapping this brings her true happiness. It also guided me to steer away from some of the usual colours that I like and to rather opt for options that suit her taste.
Do you have any creative projects on the go?


  1. Tana Goosen1/11/2015

    I'm sure she will have a smile on her face when unwrapping your parcel, so lovely!

  2. Marketa1/12/2015

    This washi tape is so gorgeous! I LOVE washi tape. I feel like it's always so sweet when someone puts an extra effort into their packaging!
    Xx, Marketa

  3. Hello Tana! I sure hope so. Loved wrapping it! x

  4. Hello Abby! Thanks so much for your comment. I loved creating this package! x

  5. Hello - thanks so much for stopping by & for your lovely comment. I just love wrapping & getting creative! x


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