Staying Creative Makes Business Sense

In between my 'real work' - I still love to get creative when I can. It's been a productive and busy couple of months on the consulting and business workshop side. It's still very important to make time for making as I believe it keeps the creative mind inspired. 

If you find that your hobby has changed into your business then I want to urge you to make time to do something small for your own creativity. We start out on the journey of creative business to shake off the shackles of corporate life or to create a world in which we can be the BOSS LADY. Along the line our passion, sideline or hobby turns into our full-time job. Essentially it's perfect... what could be better than doing what you love each day? The only thing is... it becomes WORK, no matter what. We lose a sense of direction or even innovative thinking when we don't create just for the fun of it. 

You will see there are some wonderful business women out there who understand this concept. Two awesome local examples:

Fathima of Happiness Is and her 'doodle a day' series on Instagram. Fathima is one busy boss lady, but she is also a wonderful illustrator. This project allows her to dedicate time to creativity that isn't related to her work, yet encourages innovative thinking.

Heather Moore's 'Making Friday' is no secret and it's explored in one of her latest blog posts. It's a great way to free up time to focus on just doing something for the sake of enjoyment.

I recently also read this great article which shares why routine and creativity need to work in unison. Fantastic inspiration and insight which explores the routines of several very famous creative minds.
In my world I fall into the same trap... work takes centre stage and the idea of creating just for fun can seem foreign. I have, however realised that by not re-fueling creatively I can't actually stay inspired. This goes beyond looking at Pinterest or pretty pictures - it gets back to basics and the enjoyment of using your hands to make. So off you go... get making! You need not spend hours a day away from you desk or to do list, but just do a little something that reminds you why you do what you love... there could be a brilliant idea just waiting to be uncovered.

My own example...
This little gift was truly a labour of love and it took ages to finish. It was one of those things that I would work on when I got a gap. It offered an escape slotted in between deadlines and emails, just a happy ten minutes now and again.

I used an old watch that I found at a second-hand shop and removed the strap. Gold ribbon from Ebony & Ivory formed the base of the watch fob concept. The buttons are vintage paired with bird washi tape, which I varnished onto the button so it would stay put. Lastly I sewed on a brooch back and then I finished it off with a strip of gold leather which folds over the back. The envelope is decorated to compliment the gift. Plenty of love and care went into this and I do hope that it's enjoyed and worn with pride. I hope to make more time for creating gifts and making, it gives my business orientated mind a little holiday leaving me refreshed and focused once more.

Creative Business Exchange at Decorex Durban

The count down is on - this Friday (20 March) I'll be hosting the Creative Buisness Exchange at Decorex in Durban. I'm rather excited!

It is a half-day workshop which is ideal for any business owner in a variety of industries. The topics that will be covered include... planning, social media tips, successful branding and how to approach the press. In addition to the tips - there will also be a discussion with industry insiders. It's set to be an inspiring day. To book tickets - click here. Below is some additional info. Please spread the word - I would love to see you there!

Durban Friday 20th March 09h00 – 12h30 Durban ICC R550 per person
Read more on the Decorex or SA Decor & Design.
For full press release - click here. 

Decorex SA introduces the first ever Creative Business Exchange, a workshop dedicated to building a successful creative design brand, to run alongside Decorex Durban and Cape Town in 2015. The innovative half-day forum, aimed at individuals and small businesses in the interior design, décor, architecture, product and craft sectors, is set to stimulate a creative-thinking environment.

Creative brand visionary, Nadia van der Mescht, who will be facilitating the event, began her career in marketing, but yearned for a career in fashion and accessories, which saw her launch her first business in 2004 creating bespoke accessories for local boutiques. Although her vast experience includes stints at luxury London fashion
house Burberry as well as at local apparel and homeware giant Mr Price Group, she is perhaps best known for her popular lifestyle blog and creative business development consulting.
More recently the titles of stylist, lecturer and décor-magazine writer have been added to her impressive portfolio. Van der Mescht’s true flair lies in guiding creatives and small businesses, her stellar track record demonstrates an enviable ability to inspire, educate and motivate clients, equipping them with the vital tools needed to build their brands and drive their creative businesses forward.

Meet Free Monday #46

Hello... how quiet it has been around here. It's been rather busy between moving into my new office and staying as up to date as possible with work. Today is my first official Monday in my new space. I kicked off working here last week, but I spent the majority of the time out and about which included an inspired day out at the Design Indaba Durban simulcast. I have decided to work on my blog posts in a new way that suits my schedule better, so there won't be a MFM post every week, but I will have them dotted throughout the year. Today's picture is a quick snap from my office - I'll be sure to share the final product once done.

The Working Week in Review / Last Week:
Simply put... last week was too busy. It was one of those weeks that was spent driving, dashing and rushing. The results... a very tired me. I also hosted a workshop on Saturday which went really well. Yesterday, I recouped a bit and also headed into the office to hang some frames (with a very patient Daniel to help). 

The Working Week Ahead:
This week is all about getting things done. I've ensured that the first half of the week is free - as far as consults go so that I can focus on admin, emails and getting projects done and ticked off. I have started my day off by planning out my day and several tasks for the rest of week. Feeling more inspired already!

Things I'm excited about this week:
Being in one place... my new office! It is so nice to be settled in. There are still a few small things to add like two more chairs, a rug and one or two small decor elements. 

What will challenge me this week?
Ensuring I don't over schedule. I like to really use my time to the max, but sometimes that leaves little time for other elements within my life and business that also need attention. 

A Few Notes:
Be sure to follow along on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Part of my blog post time is now being dedicated to sharing more regular snippets of my work days on social media, including updates about the wonderful clients I'm working with. 

In partnership with Decorex I am offering a workshop at the Durban and the Cape Town events. For details and tickets click here or here. I will be doing a blog post on this too.

On Friday the wonderful Kari of Lovilee featured me on her blog. Take a look at the interview and hear more about a few of my favourite things and my business tip for creatives starting out in busienss.

Have a great week!

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