Saying Thank You with help from aQuellé

Saying thank you is one of my favourite things - it feels good and fills my heart with gratitude. Kindness is seriously lacking in our busy, rushed world so when I get a gap to take stock and thank people - I love to make it extra special (especially if I get to write and decorate a pretty note). 

aQuellé asked me to be part of their 'Random Acts of Coolness' campaign and I jumped at the opportunity to thank a few people who aren't often rewarded for their hard work. First on my list were the wonderful people who work at my local post office. Now, I know our postal service hasn't got the best reputation, but the staff at Musgrave Post Office go above and beyond to make up for the short comings of the service as a whole. They are always friendly, helpful, kind and to date none of my snail mail sent via them has not arrived, in fact my post from faraway friends is also always delivered. They don't get thanked enough - I have never taken the time to say how grateful I am for their hard work (although I always say thanks). With some encouragement from aQuellé I was able to thank them properly with treats, including refreshing flavoured water and I also added in a big batch of cupcakes. I spent a bit of time with the lovely ladies who always help me and told them how thankful I am for all they do. They were so overjoyed and grateful in return and in fact I almost shed a little tear. One of the lovely ladies said she really needed the boost - today of all days as she was on the brink of tears herself after a particularly difficult customer had screamed at her. I was so happy that I was able to turn her day around! Plus... I got crafty too and spent some time making them a few special thank yous. They always see all my papery delights that I send to friends and it was their turn this time round.

I gave a few more thanks along the way including to a toll road attendant on a recent road trip to see a client. She was quite literally flabbergasted that I was offering her something and taking the time to chat to her - most of all to say thank you for the work she does. The thing is... we should all take more time to say thank you, not a rushed or quick thoughtless thanks, but rather a heartfelt and sincere THANK YOU! 

The lovely news is aQuellé wants to spoil one of my readers with a R1000 cash prize. The aim is to encourage you... my wonderful readers to go out and say thank you to someone who you thinks deserves it or isn't often on the receiving end of gratitude.

To Enter:
1 > Buy a bottle of aQuellé - you will see the 'Random Acts of Coolness' logo displayed on the label. The Strawberry is particularly delish.

2 > Give the bottle away to someone who you want to thank. Think of someone who isn't often thanked for the work they do.

3 > Take a photo with your special 'nominee' and tag or tweet me on social media. Be sure to include the hash tag #ActsOfCoolness. You can also tweet @aQuelle if you like.

That's it... so go out and bring some joy, the world really needs it as I'm sure you agree.

For added inspiration be sure to watch the aQuellé team's videos where they hit the streets to say thanks to people... from firemen to construction workers.

The Serious Stuff:
Entries close at 7pm on 25th April 2015.
You can enter multiple times - as long as each entry includes a new random act of coolness.
Entries welcome via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (@nadiavdmescht).
This is a local, South African giveaway.
Only entries that include the hash tag will be accepted.
Further T&C's apply - via aQuellé who is offering the cash prize.
Winner will be notified via social media.

Good luck and enjoy sharing some love, care and joy!