Business Questions via Snapchat

Have you joined Snapchat or are you wondering what it's all about or if it's even relevant to you? It's most certainly different to other social media in various ways. First off your posts or snaps don't stick around for longer than 24 hours. This might seem wasteful or silly, but it does in fact remove the pressure of having to create absolutely perfect content, especially when it comes to videos and editing.

I have started a series via Snapchat where you can send me your business question and I will answer it for you. This week I kicked off with 'how to set boundaries within your creative business'. This is something that many creatives struggle with. They battle to lay down the law with clients and it often means that they are taken advantage of or work for free. It's human nature to challenge and push boundaries and therefore it's important to communicate where they begin and end. This doesn't mean you have to be pushy, but it does mean you can manage expectations and in the end not feel as if you are being pushed way beyond your comfort zone. It's particularly relevant in terms of what you can offer in relation to what you charge for that product or service.

I would love to hear and answer your question, so join me on Snapchat, send it to me and then watch my video answer. Chat soon.

If you would like me to do a detailed post on using Snapchat and a few lovely people to follow then just leave a comment / or tweet me (@nadiavdmescht).

Does that sound too scary or do you want guided one on one help? No problem...
Here are a few more facts regarding my one on one consulting sessions:
My one on one consulting sessions are my most popular service and I personally really enjoy them. It's a dedicated time for business owners to share their thoughts, ask questions and receive my professional input on different areas of their business. It's also ideal for creatives who are still working on deciding what business to begin or how to take it to the next level. They run for between an hour to two hours and usually work either via Q&A or brainstorming, but can also take the form of a lesson if need be. These sessions are R400 each for up to two hours. I also offer them via Skype / FaceTime too for those not based in Durban. As an added extra I  set an accountability check-in via email to ensure you get the most out of your session. To book just email me (click here).